Back To Mine with Luke Garcia & Th3 Oth3R

Luke Garcia and Th3 Oth3r have a style that does not close in fashions. The spirit is house but his knowledge and technique are wide and are comfortable in different styles of electronic, but if something has as a common element is the groove and the evocative melodies.

Individually they have been making music for more than 12 years for labels such as: Defected, Chapter 24 Records, King Street Sounds or Ephemeral Music. And together for more than 3 years doing a few hits on labels such as Moblack, Dantze, Asymmetric Recordings, Omeni, Dear Deer Records …

In the new release for Connected Frontline, FRIXIO, you can see the influences of some of the proposed tracks that have marked them throughout their careers as producers and DJs. Frixio is defined as a melodic and techno track, with a percussion that borders on Afro and stops full of leds and FX that you make to flight. Pure rhythm for the hours of the night deeper and full of energy.


1. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (Original Long Version)

One of the tracks that has most influenced our lifestyle, of making music and interpreting what for us a musical work of art should be like this work by Jaydee from 1993. It reminds us of our first years in Ibiza and London.

Jaydee-Plastic Dreams HQ (Original Long Version)


2. Loudeast – Lights Off! (Underneath Remix)

An inexhaustible melody of energy and feeling make this track one of our most recurrent classics.

Loudeast - Lights Off! (Underneath Remix) 2002

3. EBTG vs Soul Vision – Tracey In My Room

Without a doubt, it is one of the tracks that we are still playing in almost all of our sessions, perfect to finish flying together at the end of a set.

EBTG vs Soul Vision - Tracey In My Room


4. Kay Cee – Love Stimulation (Trance Club Mix) (1998)

Eternal classic! Will never get old and will always have the same impact on a dancefloor regardless place or time. Masterpiece and easily the best version of all.

Kay Cee - Love Stimulation (Trance Club Mix) (1998)

5. Sade ‎- Pearls (Original Mix)

From one of the most sensual voices in history, we have chosen this 1995 unreleased vinyl record in vinyl format that is one of our favorite plastics. Warm and sensual.


6. Portishead – Roads (Live version)

Our favorite female voice Uprooted and sentimental. Many nights closing sets with this masterpiece.

Portishead - Roads - (Roseland NYC HQ Audio)


7. Lustral – Everytime (Nalin & Kane remix)

One of the most incredible melodies that we have ever played, and with a brilliant voice that makes us teleport to the most underground dance tracks where we have played.

Lustral - Everytime (Nalin & Kane Remix) [1997]


8. Lil Louis – The Conversation

The perfect definition of all the good things that a timeless electronic track can have is this wonder of Lil Louis. Eternal melody, vinyl sound, and some arpeggios that always sounded current.

Lil Louis - French Kiss


9. Jam & Spoon – Stella (Original Mix)

One of our fetish producers, with whom we grew up in all the clubs of our native Madrid where we started as a DJ. Stylish disco style.

Jam & Spoon - Stella (1992)


10. Röyksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)

It is not a classic track, but for Luke Garcia and Th3 Oth3r it has been a track that meant a lot a few years ago to us as producers. An evocative melody, a unique voice and the final structure of the track seems pure electronic magic.

Röyksopp - Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)


Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r – Frixio EP (connected Records)

connected hit release number 30 with a suitably excellent new EP from Luke Garcia and Th3 Oth3r featuring a remix from KONDRE and &Lez.
Luke Garcia is a Spanish artist with an influential show on Radio FG in the USA and has been a resident at Pacha Madrid. Th3 Oth3r is his frequent musical sparring partner and between them the pair have been making music for more than 12 years on essential outlets like Defected, Chapter 24 and King Street Sounds. They first hooked up three years ago and have a style rooted in house, but one that always takes cues from across the electronic spectrum.
Excellent lead single ‘Frixio’ is best defined as a melodic techno track, but with percussion that borders on Afro. The absorbing groove is a mysterious one full of FX that make it take flight into the skies.
Remixing are KONDRE (someone formerly known as Rancido) and &Lez, a deep tech artist from Bologna. The pair bring in a sparse yet upbeat and compelling electronic kalymba/xylophone loop that works its way into your soul. The growling synth adds another layer and makes the whole thing even more absorbing.
These are two more of connected’s perfectly magical house tracks designed to do special things to the dance floor.

Out now.. Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r – Frixio EP (connected Records) Cat No: connected30