Back to Mine – Andrew Grant

A personal collection for after hours grooving

andrewgrantAndrew Grant is a man with a varied past and constantly evolving future. Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, he started to DJ in 1988 spinning hip-hop at house parties and school dances. His musical tastes soon shifted after his first visit to the famed New York City club Twilo in the mid 90’s. After an evening under the Phazon sound system, he found himself immersed in more electronic based sounds.


1) Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians

This is a 1hr piece from the master himself. Steve is a maestro when breathing genres of ambient minimalism. Making music since before 1960 the former Sonar Headliner has been in the mix longer then most. This piece is a perfect example of how deep he gets.



2) Arthur Russell – Lucky Cloud

How can you not include anything from Arthur when listing top home listeners. When he passed away he left over 1,000 tapes of recordings, 40 of which was the same song in different versions. To sum Mr. Russel up in 1 word ‘Genius’


3) Washed Out – Feel It All Around

Ernest Greene is turning the ill wave scene upside down right now. Famous for numerous hits and in the Portlandia intro he blends soft rock with ambient joy. Washed Out is for real check him out!!!



4) Nightmares On Wax – Man

Too many to count from Nightmares On Wax but this one makes me think of the good ‘ol days. I like ‘Man’ because there always seems to be hope when listening to this.



5) Air – Sexy Boy

The type of song that makes you swing from side to side with that rock vibe.



6) Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

From the first guitar strum your heart feels warm. A classic never dies.



7) Radiohead – Little By Little (Caribou Remix)

Thom Yorke vocal with Caribou standard of amazing productions = Can’t Go Wrong


8) System Of Survival – Jay Adams

A sombre tune that tells the story of fallen artist/ skateboarder Jay Adams.



9) Swayzak – Make Up Your Mind

Sexy vocal with a sick ass electronic beat, don’t be afraid to do some crate digging for Swayzak.



10) The Doors – Riders On The Storm

It may have been over 40 years ago but it still touches you in all the right places.