DJ Rolando – Knights of The Jaguar

I remember first hearing this record almost 20 years ago when I used to work in a Record Shop in North West London (RIP Loppylugs), and got given a promo by our local rep. Gave me goosebumps then, and still does today. Timeless beautiful piece of music. 

DJ rolando – Knights Of The Jaguar (Original Mix)

Clio – Faces 

Jump in my Lamborgini Countash and let’s drive around the Alps together!!!

Clio – Faces (Italo Disco) (Good Quality)

Jamie Anderson – The Time Is Now

NRK are responsible for one of the most impressive back catalogues in House Music, and this track is up there. 

Jamie Anderson- The time is now ( original mix )

CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace (Four Tet Remix)

Four Tet at his very best. This is remix perfection in my opinion.

CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace (Four Tet Remix)

Lustral – Everytime (Nalin & Kane Remix)

Always been a big fan of that early 00’s Prog sound championed by Sasha & Digweed, who were, and still are huge idols of mine. This track particularly resonates with me captures that true euphoric vibe from that era.

Lustral – Everytime (Nalin & Kane Remix) [1997]

Rene & Angela – I’ll Be Good

It’s worth putting this track here based on the artwork alone, but a serious slice of how good the ’80s were for music. 
Proper funk & raw soul.

Rene and Angela – I'll Be Good (special 12inch remix) HQsound

The Jam Experience – Feel My Love

Old Skool Garage Tape Pack memories of driving to college listening to this with DT MC’ing over it… Good times.

The Jam Experience – Feel My Love

Partial Arts – Trauermusik

Back in 2006/07 myself & Eric Volta collab’d together under a project called D DUB, this track provided many an inspiration. A true masterpiece.

Partial Arts – Trauermusik.mp4

Paul Johnson – Hear The Music

First heard this on Daft Punk’s BBC Essential Mix in 1997. 22 years on and this still hasn’t left the bag!

Paul Johnson – Hear The Music

Orbital – Halcyon On & On

Because an after-hours back to mine session without some Orbital would just be wrong.

Orbital – Halcyon On and On


For the uninitiated, DEMOU is the new alias of the hugely prolific Cozzy D, a producer who has been a real staple in the house scene for well over a decade. Aiming for further ventures and adventures with disco and house music, DEMOU delivers a cracking single for Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two label, backed with a remix from another fine British talent, Mella Dee. ‘Sheftalia’ comes correct with techno sensibilities and pumping house grooves. A rebounding stab pings off a suitably charged rhythm, as a feint vocal loop unfurls in a cloak of stirring strings, forging a real fierce club cut! Mella Dee has been firing on all cylinders of late, using his Warehouse Music label as an imprint for his pacey and heavy funky techno jams, and he’s deployed his trademark jacked up and loopified characteristics all over a slammin’ remix of ‘Sheftalia’ here. A further injection of disco boogie flavours are pumped into ‘Never’, as DEMOU gets busy once more with an MPC house style jam-filled with a ton of funk. Simple, yet uplifting, the spirit of disco is well and truly alive on tracks like this.

Out Now… Demou – Sheftalia (Four Thirty Two) Cat No: 432R013