Back To Mine with Raimond Ford

I am very happy to offer up the following list of songs picked from my favourites of all times. These are records I normally listen to in my free time to evade the daily routine, relax and take inspiration.

Hiroshi Yoshimura – A・I・R (Air In Resort) (full album)

I love Japanese culture, simplicity and minimalism. In these records there are six magic moments, narrating imaginary’s soundscapes and letting you travel with your mind.

Hiroshi Yoshimura - A・I・R (Air In Resort) (full album)

The Residents – Gingerbread Man

I have started to appreciate The Residents thanks to a friend of mine who got me to listen to Eskimo, an album of the late ‘70s which I believe to be out of the ordinary, avant-garde and truly innovative.
Gingerbread Man has captured my attention from the first note, the way kids are attracted to this type of bread.

The Residents - Gingerbread Man

µ-Ziq – Blem

Mu-ziq is an artist that I have followed since the early nineties. I normally listen to Blem when I need to take on new challenges because it gives me the right energy to go on with life even when the path is not defined.

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke – Shadow Magnet

Shadow Magnet is the first track from the album Duality. I love traditions and exploring cultures in different ways by researching and tasting their musical aspects.
This song creates a warm and fascinating ambience at home and all my guests are instantly involved in a variety of moods which it’s able to install in their minds.

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - Shadow Magnet

Ishome – Ken Tavr

Staying in a hypnotic theme is this piece by Ishome, an artist from Russia. It draws me in with its constant beat and whispers. Improvisation made by the fast-moving hands on keyboards and modulations give a fresh touch and a sense of continuity which is never boring.

Ishome - Ken Tavr [Fuselab]

Zombie-Zombie – Dog Walker (Drums and Vocals Version)

The authenticity of French artists in music as well as in movies always attracted me. Among my favourites, there is Etienne Jaumet, part of the duo Zombie-Zombie, a synth-pop composer experimenting with sounds which embrace different genres. The track selected reminds me of carnival, a tradition followed in Ticino, Switzerland, my native place of origin.

Dog Walker (Drums and Vocals Version)

Aatavu Chanda – Dancing Is Beautiful

This is a pearl of music which I would have always liked to play in one of my performances in order to shock and educate the dancefloor with something unexpected. Even though I don’t understand the meaning of the lyrics it gives me joy and happiness.

Aatavu Chanda "Dancing Is Beautiful"

Venetian Snares – Hajnal

Hajnal and also Második Galamb are tracks that rapidly allow me to get inspired. Influences from classical music are wisely fused with an electronic broken beat to create something that sets my mind racing.

Venetian Snares - Hajnal

Nese Karabocek – Yali Yali (Todd Terje Edit)

This track played in a loop perfectly accompanies me while cooking or doing something which I know will probably take a lot of time.
The voice of Nese Karabocek and the bass line modulations are never-ending and never annoying,

Nese Karabocek - YALI YALI (Todd Terje Edit)

Leo Anibaldi – Muta Untitled 3

Remaining between mythology and reality, the Muta album by artist Leo Anibaldi from the early ’90s remains a masterpiece. A curious album, able to touch sensitive points of the human mind, for me a piece of history capable of reassuring me when I return home exhausted. The album includes 8 untitled tracks and it has been released on a legendary label from Rome named ACV.

Raimond Ford – Robots Can’t EP (3-4-1 Cuts)

Raimond Ford is back after 20 years of absence from the scene with a fantastic new musical story to tell across ten tracks of avant-garde deep techno. Together with the D-EX collective and Racket Knight, Raimond Ford has been one of the most successful techno alter egos of Luca Tavaglione aka djlukas, a Swiss artist from the nineties who played all the major raves of that era. Under his various aliases he has released on Planet Rhythm Rec TouchTone/AudioRec, Spectra Records and many others, with legends like Carl Cox often dropping his tunes. His Robot Can’t EP explores the notion that robots will probably replace human beings in certain activities or functions and “tries to describe the personal feelings of the artists when one day he woke up in a surreal world between darkness and light, running against the unknown with little fragments of memory captured through the eyes of a robot.” An atmospheric ambient opener sets the scene before ‘Robots Can’t (Part. 2)’ brings rolling deep techno drums complete with mechanical synths. ‘Delirium (Moore’s Deep Mix)’ then keeps you in suspense with an edgy bassline and patient, mid-tempo beats that characterise a dehumanised world. ‘Magical & Strange’ is an excellent eerie synth interlude that adds to the cinematic feel and ‘Astral Angel’ is a steady journey through the cosmos that leaves you gazing at the deft sound design. The spaced out, meditative mood continues through slick and serene cut ‘Large Room’ and then after another gorgeously futuristic passage of ambient, ‘Obscura’ builds the pressure with driving minimalism and things close down on the sombre moods of Philosophical Tenet’ which soundscapes a world governed by robots and will get its own single release.

Raimond Ford – Robots Can’t EP (3-4-1 Cuts) Release: 2nd May 2019 Cat No: 341C19002