Back To Mine with Vina Konda

And now for something entirely different. Checking into the Back To Mine mind of one of the leading artists in dancefloor sound design out of Paris as he releases his ‘Osseus Labyrinth EP’. Having already released on Nous Disques, Electroménager, Discolored Field, this EP is a monster and really breaks a lot of musical and conceptual boundaries, to say the least. Recommended for fans of Lee Gamble, Aphex Twin + Batu, for Vina Konda tempo is no object, and to synthesise any sound at all is perfectly possible. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts…


Reckonwrong – Tucked Away

Nothing to say, just wanted to start this playlist with one of my favorite EPs from Ad93 so far.

Reckonwrong - Tucked Away


Hotspring – 5000 Tons

Will continue with an amazing track that came out on Mood Hut, really peacefull! I love the deconstructed drum sounds which were integrated to the aquatic dreamy atmosphere, it has some kind of Vaporware aspect and reminds me of a video-game OST. First time I listened to it, I felt like I was somewhere between dreams n awakening, remembering my childhood playing Mario 64.

Hotspring - 5000 Tons


I Monster – Heaven

Again a memory aha, from my old friend Leo Blomov

It’s really funny because this one comes from an ad for a milk product, which has benefits for skin apparently

…I think Ads deeply influence my work. They offered me the chance to discover many sounds in the late 90’s n early 00’s. Sometimes I feel sad about how ads’ structures turn into a trap, I have the impression that they are no longer made to touch people, their only purpose is to catch people, in other words they’re functional traps. So this track is in memory of a time when we were trying to make beautiful traps instead.

I Monster - Heaven


Tom & Jerry – Airfreshner

I don’t come back enough on how D&B and Jungle invited me into electronic culture. It was my first reflection on collage after appropriation.

Tom & Jerry - Airfreshner

Slipknott – Eyesless

Some musical violence is always good for mind stability! I Loved listening to this one when I would take the subway. I love the tom works so much, they sounds like a meat impact! I’m really sensitive to the mix work in it.

Slipknot - Eyeless (Live At Dynamo Open Air 2000) HD STEREO

These New Puritans – En Papier

Best post punk/rock track to me! I beg you to take the time to listen to the full album, not all is good but it’s really a brut diamond.

En papier- These New Puritans -

Bby Eco – Innerlife

What can I tell about it? Just a master piece of bass music to my sense… An incredible panorama is developed through this trip. I have the impression of seeing life evolution when I listen to this track.


First Epoque - Epoque No. 7 [Dill Dodos Recife]

Tekken 3 – Nina’s Theme

I love listening to OSTs and think this is one of my favorites. A few years ago I started reflecting on how much techno culture was part of my life and where I could find the roots of my interest in this music. It became obvious that the Super Nes, Sega Mega Drive, N64 and PS1 were the fertile soil suitable to my entrance into the Matrix of electronic musics.

Tekken 3 - "Nina's Theme (Arcade Ver.) (Extended)" [1080p]


Loft – Borderland

Goodbye Loft, in my mind, in my body and my Soul forever.

Brian Eno – By This River

We are now landing. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

Brian Eno - By This River

Vina Konda ‘Osseus Labyrinth EP’ is out on May 21st on the ever-superb Comic Sans