“This is one of my favourite, dark and dramatic texture to take you to an unknown path”


2. Kraftwerk – Computer World

“I’m a big fan of Kraftwerk and this album is amazing, I would love to listen to the beach”

Kraftwerk – Computer World

3. Lil Louis – French Kiss

“This work caught my attention in 2011, when I researched sounds to hear accompanied by a good wine, I recommend”.

Lil Louis – French Kiss

4. Adonis ‎– No Way Back

“I met Adonis’s work through a friend, I fell in love with everyone your records, I really like the vocal and bass line of this track”

ADONIS " No Way Back "

5. Syclops – Where’s Jason’s K

“Super colourful and dancing, great for dropping on a track at dawn”

Syclops – Where's Jason's K

6. Dorothys Fortress – Enter Castillo

“Italo disco is what I love to play and listen to, this track is super powerful for any the current electronic scene needs more of this 80s”

Dorothys Fortress – Enter Castillo

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force

“Going to work every day with something you don’t like is bad, that was one of the songs that comforted me on the way”

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock (Instrumental) (1982)

8. Johnwaynes – Like The Sunshine 

“This is one of the songs you want to hear for 3 hours straight, so good, long in the years 2012”

Johnwaynes – Like The Sunshine (Radio edit)

9. Thugfucker – Disco Gnome

“One of my research from years ago is not something I touch these days, but it’s extremely good to hear”

Thugfucker – Disco Gnome (Original)

10. A-ha – Take On Me 

“A song that marked my life a lot, could not fail to mention this great classic, reminds me of my boy days”

Take on Me (Video Version) (2015 Remaster)

Waltervelt – Lunar Operation (Ellum Audio)

James Rodrigo is Waltervelt, the next hot young talent to land on the mighty Ellum Audio label. Born in Joinville, Brazil, this 25-year-old has already been involved in the dance scene for a decade and has made his mark at the key clubs in South America. His well-formed sound is a smooth fusion of Italo disco, techno and electro that swells over you to make for immersive listening. Adventurous opener ‘Lunar Operation’ is just that, a superb sonic trip built on rugged bass rumbles with old school cowbells and a real sense of cosmic drama from the synths and strings. It’s expansive, colourful and as cerebral as it is moving. The excellent ‘Magman’ is just as evocative but has a darker atmosphere with shooting lasers and tension in the bass riffs that keep you locked as you shoot through the sky.

Waltervelt – Lunar Operation (Ellum Audio) Release: 8th November 2019 Cat No: ELL055