Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother Suite

I could pick anything from their discography, but this is so complex and progressive, I can’t get enough of it. The part from 14:20 is one of the best musical moments of all time. At least for me. I’m such a big fan of PF, that my left arm is fully tattooed with their covers 🙂

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother Suite (Full Song)

Syrius – Devil’s Masquerade

This is one of the best LP’s ever made in communist Hungary, produced back in 1971. Pure progressive jazzy rock, with brilliant melodies. 

Syrius – Devil's Masquerade – Az Ördög Álarcosbálja (Full Album)

Kenneth Bager – Fragments From A Space Cadet

What an amazing collection of songs. Anytime something really important happens in my life, I have to listen to the Fragment Seven track, that’s sampled from Minnie Ripperton’s Les Fleurs. Music from heaven!

Kenneth Bager – Fragment From A Space Cadet (2007)

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest

This album is modern perfection. It’s been in my car’s CD player for 2 years 🙂

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine (Official Music Video)

Dave Brubeck – The Essential

That’s what I call audio porn. I was listening to it at least a million times, and this is one of the very first records I played to my newborn baby! 🙂

Dave Brubeck – The Essential

Cali Agents – How The West Was One

Not many people know, but my roots are in rap music. I had a rap band back in the early 2000s. Basically i started to produce hip-hop beats, that’s how I started to explore the producer in myself. This LP was one of my favourites back in the time. I still feel the flow.

Cali Agents – how the west was one

Andrew Lloyd Webber – Simon Zealotes from Jesus Christ Superstar 

Oh, Jesus! I’m such a big fan of JCS, that this Easter I took my wife’s hand, and I was driving 10 hours to Cologne, to see the musical, with the “original Jesus” from the movie Ted Neeley. And after the show back to Hungary. This track is so funky, it makes me happy every time! On the vocals Larry Marshal is unbelievable.

Jesus Christ Superstar Simon Zealotes (HD)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Don’t Leave Me This Way

Under my Muzikfabrik moniker, I hardly play other stuff than the house and classic disco. This is one of my fav tunes for a long long time, for home listening and some times playing as well

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Don't Leave Me This Way (Audio)

Booker T & the MG’s – Melting Pot

The whole LP is fantastic, but this track with my favourite instrument the Hammond Organ is outstanding. I’ve just secured an original vinyl copy last week. By the way, the Mood II Swing – Move Me (Alternative Mix)’s bassline is sampled from this tune. No question, I like that too.

Booker T & the MG's – Melting Pot

Sucker DJ’s – Lotta Lovin’ (Paradise Soul Mix)

Love on first listen. I heard it from Jennifer Cardini during ADE2017. Somehow I missed this one before. But from that time, I can’t lose it from my record bag. Not the tune I would play every time. This is the tune for a very special crowd and party! 🙂

Sucker DJ's – Lotta Lovin' (Paradise Soul Mix)

SouveQ – Csucsok (inc Marvin & Guy, Jenia Tarsol, Secret Factory remixes) (Secret Fusion)

Hungarian label Secret Fusion serves up a sizzling package that features some of the scenes most vital artists with Marvin & Guy, Jenia Tarsol and bosses Secret Factory all remixing a SouveQ original. SouveQ is a long standing DJ and producer who has a string of successful collaborative projects under his belt and since this year has also been managing this label. He started his latest moniker as alive and production project in 2017 focusing on a synth laden, the 80s influenced sound that draws on Nu wave, disco and techno. His fantastic lead single here is a slow but superbly heavy affair with percolating disco synths, gritty claps and searching pads that bring a futuristic feel. It is an arresting track that works on body and soul in equally excellent fashion. Marvin & Guy are Italian edit masters who are orchestrators of countless transcendent moments on labels like Life & Death and Permanent Vacation. Here they take the track to heavenly melodic territory with lush cosmic chords and a patient groove that sweeps you off your feet. Jenia Tarsol began an Ibiza residency alongside Guy Gerber‘s RUMORS that led to him featuring at Circoloco as well as other key European clubs, always laying down flawlessly executed sets. Now he raises his profile again with an edit that is full of tension, rubber bass and astral arps that get hands in the air. Last of all, label heads Secret Factory draw on all their years of know-how to offer up their own sizzling and unique Cosmic remix.

SouveQ – Csucsok (inc Marvin & Guy, Jenia Tarsol, Secret Factory remixes) Label: Secret Fusion Release: 18th November 2019 Cat No: SFR005