Armando – The Future (Cajmere’s Vision)

Armando is one of my favourite artist and so is Cajmere (Green Velvet) It’s a childhood classic, where I had to wait my parent to sleep to sneak in the living room and watch video clips late night in the weekends.

Armando – The Future (Cajmere's Vision)

Limelife – Baby Can You Reach

One of my favourite track from my brother Todd Terry, I was about 15 when I heard it for the first time, at the time I had no internet or such Shazam, I had the track stuck in my head for months before finding what it was.

Limelife – Baby Can You Reach

Bjork – Army Of Me

My favourite track from Bjork, this track is dark and so is the video clip from Michel Gondry. I cant have enough of it.

Björk – Army Of Me (Official Video)

AFX – Children Talking

AFX is one of the many side name that Aphex Twin has, this tune is probably my favourite from Aphex Twin, he is the most talented music producer I know.

DJ Hell – Eat My House

DJ Hell the man, this track is definitely in my top 10 Techno tune ever, yes kids it’s Techno !!! It evolves slowly, gets stuck in your head and you can never get rid of it after the first play.

Armand Van Helden – Mecca Toast

My bro Armand always was a big inspiration, when I hear this track it spoke to me, it’s one of the reasons why I’m DJ and why I am who I am. It has the street side of house, funk and hip hop. this track sticks the street, it’s real and authentic.

Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu

When hip hop was soul, the good old days, Bahamadia was one of the leader of the feminine hip hop era, I always loved her vibe.

Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu

Nirvana – Something In The Way

Name a more iconic grunge band? Nirvana is just incredible, Something In The Way is one of my favourite for sure, never get bored of it.

Nirvana – Something in the Way [Lyrics]

Lionel Richie – Do It To Me

I’m a big fan of Lionel Richie, this one is probably in my top 5 oh his. He has this unique vibe and way to bring a chorus the way he does, and get stuck in your mind.

Lionel Richie – Do It To Me

33 1/3 Queen – Searchin’

This type of UFO, tracks that don’t sound like any other, just incredible, 1990 baby.

33 1/3 Queen – Searchin'

Amine Edge & DANCE – Nosey Parker EP (Desolat)

It’s taken a little over three years, but finally French house gangsters Amine Edge & DANCE are back on Desolat with a follow up to their hard-hitting ‘Fck Ur Opinion EP’ from 2016. In the years since their last Desolat release, this duo has continued to cook up their own raw, attitude-laden take on house music. It is inspired by their love of hip hop, much like the work of label boss Loco Dice, and has seen them dig out a crew of like-minded artist on their vital Cuff label, all while playing around the world to adoring fans. “We have always been huge fans of Chicago ghetto house, say the pair, so we tried to make one track sound like that at 140 bpm.” ‘That’s Right Lil’ Bitch’ is that track and has already been approved by ghetto pioneers like Slugo, Deeon, Funk and Lil Tal.
The EP kicks off with ‘How U Feel,’ a tremendously tough track with block-rocking, well swung beats and razor-sharp hi-hats. It’s all cut up with slick synths and makes for an irresistible groove. The excellent ‘Wilding’ is another physical house ride with whirring machines and some more twinkling melodies layered over this pair’s trademark drums, which always go off with a bang. The pressure stays on with ‘Like This’, a cut co-produced with young French duo Yungness & Jaminn who will be appearing with their own EP on Desolat later in the year. The track has drilling bass and oversized kick drums demanding you move; it’s a rump-wiggling tune that is cavernous and all-consuming. Last of all comes to the Windy City-inspired ghetto track with its kinetic clap and kick combo, booming sub-bass and hyper-speed groove all sweeping you off your feet in sleazy fashion.

Amine Edge & DANCE – Nosey Parker EP (Desolat) Release: 22nd November 2019 Cat No: DESOLAT080