1 – John Coltrane ­ Acknowledgement (From album: A Love Supreme)
The first track from the classic jazz album has just got it all: beauty, mysticism, psychedeliaŠand a groove to die for. Don’t get scared when the deep chanting starts halfway through ­ “A love supreme, a love supremeŠ” ­ it’s just Mr Coltrane trying out his voice.

2 – Nico ­ Chelsea Girls (From album: Chelsea Girl)
Nico’s Chelsea Girl is one of the best albums ever recorded. Beautiful songs arranged perfectly with guitars, flutes, organs and strings. And in the
middle: the cold deep voice of Nico that drags the listener to the music as the Dark Force.

3 – Four Tet ­ You Were There With Me (From album: Everything Ecstatic)
You just got to love the way Kieran Hebden takes all those funky Indonesian gamelan grooves and weaves them together to a late night psychedelic jam.
The result is both raw and emotional at the same time.

4 – Love song for the Dead Che ­ United States of America (From album: The United States of America)
The United States of America only recorded one album, sadly. But hey, what an album! Listening to it is like falling in distorted electronics through a fuzzy experimental soundscape. Or something like that… “Love song for the Dead Che” is the most lyrical moment of the album.

5 – Fela Kuti ­ Water No Get Enemy (From album: Expensive Shit)
Bang! The groove starts. And you want it to go on forever. Sadly it ends after ten minutes, but then at least you have the A-side “Expensive Shit” to look forward to.

6 – Isolée ­ Schrapnell (From album: We Are Monster)
In a time where everything should sound perfect, Isolée is one happy exception. The production is warm and fuzzy, but still pointing straight into the future. No cheap retro-tricks here, no! On “Schrapnell” nice slided Hawaii guitars forces you to lay back in the sofa.

7 – Devendra Banhart – Sight to Behold (From album: Rejoice in the hands)
Is Devendra Banhart the man to take the psychedelic movement back to the masses? Hopefully. “Sight to Behold” stars with a fast picking guitar, but it’s not until the string quartet enters from the back of the room the music swells out of the loud speakers.

8 – Keith Jarret ­ Landscape for Future Earth (From album: Facing You)
Keith Jarret plays his all-improvised piano pieces and hum along when it’s really heating up. Don’t forget to hang on tight, cause that piano is heading for outer space!

9 – Coco Rosie ­ Good Friday (From album: La Maison De Mon Reve)
Until Coco Rosie releases a new album you just have to get back to last years “La Maison De Mon Reve”. On “Good Friday” lo-fi electronics meet hi-fi melodies. The result? Pure love of course.

10 – Afel Bocoum ­ Buribalal (From album: Alkibar)
I went on boat to Timbuktu. I laid down on my back, looking at the stars, listening to the old mans radio. I fell in love. Music from Mali has a special rhythm not found anywhere else. “Buribalal” by Afel Bocoum is a good place to start.