DJ Format

1. ULTRA MAGNETIC MC’S  ‘Critical Beatdown’ [Next Plateau Records]
‘Classic timeless Hip Hop with beats by Cedgee & rhymes by Kool Keith.’

2. LORD FINESSE ‘Funky Technician’ [Wild Pitch Records]
‘Incredible Lyrics over classic production by Diamond D showbiz & DJ Premier.’

3. DIAMOND D ‘Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop’ [Mercury]

4. SHOWBIZ & A.G ‘Runaway Slave [Payday]
‘Two classic albums from around the same time that made beat digging history.’

5. DJ SHADOW ‘Entropy EP’ [Solesides Records]
‘This record from before Shadow’s historic debut album had everything! Good Breaks, good lyrics, good cutting, good hip hop instrumentals. ‘Total’ Hip Hop.’

6. JOE HENDERSON ‘Multiple’  [Fantasy]
‘Jazz album from the amazing tenor saxophonist ranging from Funky to mellow to slightly weird.’

7. HERBIE HANCOCK ‘The Prisoner’ [Blue Note]
‘My personal favourite Herbie album. Not really Funky, pretty much straight ahead Jazz.’

‘I love all 7 of Soft Machine first albums but this is the Best for me. Incredible British Jazz & Rock – Not really Jazzy/Rock!’

‘Manfred Mann + Mick Hugg leave the pop Music behind and make an incredible album that is as hard to pigeon hole as Sold Machine.’

10. MILES DAVID ‘Kind of Blue’ [Blue Note]
‘I can’t make a Top10 and not include this. The Best records aren’t always the rare unknown ones.