Tita Lau represents the tip of the spear for young, exciting emerging female producer/ DJ talent in electronic music. She has seen Beatport chart success securing consistent top 10 positions on the main chart including a number 1 record ‘Disconnected’ with James Hype on Solotoko, as well as #1 spots on  Spotify’s ‘Housewerk’ playlist and strong positions on Massive Dance Hits, Friday Cratediggers and Dance Rising, which has helped propel Tita to being one of the most talked about breakthrough artists of 2020 / 2021. DMCWORLD dive in for a world exclusive…

Hey Tita, thanks so much for chatting to us here at DMC. For any of our readers who might not be aware of you, could you explain a bit more about yourself?

Hey DMC readers, I’m Tita Lau, I’ve been in the music industry all my life, from being in bands to singing on featured records. I make house and techno music!

How did you become a DJ/producer?

I actually learned on vinyl many years ago, as believe it or not 12-10s were way cheaper than CDJs, I paid £100 for my first pair. But I realised in the clubs, everyone was playing on CDJs and I only knew how to use vinyl, but turntables weren’t available in the clubs/bars I was looking to play at and I couldn’t request a tech rider lol, so I reluctantly sold them and invested in a pair of CDJs. I started making music because I love singing. I sang for other producers / artists, so was always around a studio setting and found the art of structuring a beat so fascinating. I would just watch and learn and take it all in for hours and hours. I’d go back home and try to make my own beats, which I thought were fire, however listening back now I’m like, woah that is horrendous, I thought I was awesome haha! I didn’t have much time to make music for myself when I got super busy with residencies and performing with other artists, until the 2020 lockdown happened. I had so much time which I wasn’t used to, but that’s really where I decided to work on my own music as an artist in my own right. I live streamed every week, and tested music I’d made during my sets to people watching. It was different playing to an empty room, but a unique moment where people united in one place to party from all over the world! I released my first single ‘2×2’ on ‘Stereohype’ and Tita Lau was born.

Your track ‘Disconnected’ graced the Beatport #1 earlier this year, tell us how it came about?  

You’re going to laugh, but it actually came about because of an argument James Hype & I were having at the time LOL. For those that may not know James is my partner, we were at the studio and ended up having a discussion about how we both were feeling during lockdown and I said, ‘I feel a little… Disconnected’, and before I could say anything else, he was like, yeah, say that again… Into the mic… I literally was like, are you insane, but he started creating the track and then honestly it all came together so quickly! He is a genius when it comes to sound design. And that was the birth of, ‘Disconnected’.

What else have you released this year that you’re really proud of? 

I was asked by Meduza to remix their new single, ‘Bad Memories’, which was just an incredible honour. I remember getting the call and just knew I had to make a belter for the clubs! I’m really proud of it, it sits perfectly in my sets and the bass hits so good on the dancefloor.

You’ve been touring like crazy this summer. What have been your favorite shows so far?

This year has been a whirlwind, I never thought I’d be playing in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and so many more countries for the first time! But the top spot has to go to Hï Ibiza the number 1 club in the world.

What track has been going off in your sets recently?

I finished a new track recently called, ‘The Wave’, which I’ve been road testing recently at shows and the response has been insane. After hearing it in a set I know I need to make a few little adjustments to the layout, but it goes OFF, really excited to finish it and unleash it into the rave world.

Are there any artists you’d recommend listening to at the moment… in or outside the club!?

I really like Hannah Laing, she has cool tunes and has her own sound.

What’s next for Tita?

I’ve never played in the USA yet, so hopefully that’ll be next! Also I have a new single coming out on Solotoko with James Hype, the follow up to ‘Disconnected’, called, ‘Back 2 Basics’…