Back To Mine with The Brand New Heavies ’80s Special

Can it really be thirty years since The Brand New Heavies first sashayed their way into the public eye with a romantic’s heart, a hedonist’s spirit and a Superfly sensibility? Their extraordinary new album TBNH, however, finds the band – and main songwriters funk-soul brothers Andrew Levy (bass) and Simon Bartholomew (guitar) embarking on an entirely new chapter in their illustrious history. A heady cocktail of Chic-style funk-pop, sunshine grooves and scorched-soul balladry, TBNH refines, reimagines and ultimately reinvents a winning formula which has won them16 top 40 hits and three million album sales. The morello cherry in the glass? A breath-taking cover of Kendrick Lamar’s These Walls, produced by Heavies uber-fan Mark Ronson. Here the guys roll the back the years and bring DMCWORLD their ten drops from the 80s that still have the F.U.N.K….

1. Tom Browne ~ Funkin For Jamiaca

Let’s get this party started right! Still fresh after all these years have passed. Check out the drum roll at 57 secs…pure class!

2. Grace Jones ~ Pull Up To The Bumper

Grace still going strong! Sly & Robbie on the Drum & Bass – what can go wrong? Nothing! Pull Up Baby! Make up your own Pull Up dance!

Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper

3. Tom Tom Club ~ Genius Of Love

Catchy enough for you? Keep bouncing !


4. Brothers Johnson ~ Stomp

Hands in the air 1980s style! In fact, just making it into the decade…this is a Strawberry Letter just for you xxx

The Brothers Johnson - Stomp!

5. Cameo ~ Single Life

You’re getting warmed up and this tune will show who the single people in the room are! Get It On! I’m sure Cameo didn’t go home empty handed!

Cameo - Single Life (Official Music Video)

6. Gino Soccio ~ Try It Out

Nu Disco! Funky Disco – on the one from 1981!

Gino Soccio – Try It Out Video HQ

7. Indeep ~ Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

There’s not a problem I can’t fix, cause I can do it in the mix ! And if your man gives you trouble then you move out on the double and you don’t let it trouble your brain…cause away goes trouble down the drain! Boom!

Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Official Music Video)

8. Change ~ A Lover Holiday

Take a break – close your eyes n’ drift away…if you open them, it’s only the gorgeous ‘Change’ playing some funky music. Beautiful!

Change ‎- A Lover's Holiday

9. Soul II Soul ~ Fairpay

My man Andrew from The Brand New Heavies on bass on the coooooool groover…

Soul II Soul feat Rose Windross - Fairplay

10. Micheal Jackson ~ Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

While we still can…class production and elevation for you dancing feet… Quincy class at that!

Michael Jackson - Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Official Video)