Elevating Dreams and Empowering Artists in the Heart of Exeter!

Long Dark Tunnel (L.D.T), a dynamic and well-established events brand in Exeter, UK, now shares its extraordinary journey of fostering emerging talents in the Drum and Bass scene. With a combined experience of over 30 years in various parts of the music industry, founders Brian Phillips and James Davey have successfully nurtured rising talents by providing them with a platform to share the stage with some of the most iconic names in the Drum and Bass scene.

At the core of L.D.T lies a passionate mission – to shatter the myth that success in the music industry is solely determined by connections. Brian and James have witnessed firsthand the hurdles faced by budding artists striving to carve their niche. James, an artist himself, understands the trials and tribulations of building a reputation from scratch. It is this empathy that propels L.D.T Recordings to challenge the status quo and extend a supportive hand to artists far and wide.

Unlike traditional labels, the primary goal of L.D.T Recordings isn’t centred around profits. In fact, any royalties earned by the label are promptly reinvested to amplify the musical reach of the artists. This approach is a testament to their commitment to the music and the artists who create it.

When an artist joins the L.D.T family, they gain access to an exceptional DJ studio, a space designed to refine skills and craft unforgettable sets for their performances. Sharing the stage with esteemed Drum and Bass artists is not just a dream – it’s a reality that L.D.T Recordings helps make possible. We host our own dnb nights so we can offer a stage for them to play their tracks in front of large crowds L.D.T Recordings embraces a unique approach to music selection. Rejecting the conventional “talent pool” mindset, the label prioritises potential and passion. If they spot talent in an artist, they won’t turn them away. Instead, the label’s team of seasoned professionals steps in to coach and guide artists to attain their “release ready” status.

Brian Phillips, co-founder of L.D.T and owner of the prestigious Move Nightclub, commented, “Our journey has been about celebrating the music and nurturing the artists who pour their heart and soul into it. We believe that talent deserves a chance, and it’s our privilege to provide that opportunity. The Exeter music scene is a thriving hub, and we’re here to uplift it even further.”

Prismatik’s experience as an artist on L.D.T Recordings is a testament to the commitment of supporting emerging artists. Ahead of DJing in Bournemouth, Prismatik had an idea to produce a track that portrayed the summer vibe and could also pack a punch on a system. He has said “ After playing the track out and receiving a positive crowd response, I decided to complete it!”

Upon learning that the L.D.T team were starting a record label, Prismatik sent a demo, and James expressed interest in signing the track. Prismatik mentions “ They were great to work with, giving me the time needed to finish the track and offering guidance throughout. Now the release is out and I am really happy to start this journey with L.D.T”

For artists who aspire to be part of a record label that believes in their potential, values their music, and empowers them to shine, L.D.T Recordings stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. Connect with them today and let them provide a supportive arm to help boost your music career – all enquiries brian@move-exeter.co.uk