Bjarno – Papillon – (Music For Dreams)

You may remember around a decade ago the rather superb Djuma Soundsystem, and a track called ‘Les Djinns’ that was used in many a house / chill out compilation, The author of that was Lars Bjarno, a producer from Copenhagen who breaks cover again to give us ‘Papillon’, a warm and incredibly laid back album that you’ll be taking with you on holiday if you have any sense! It’s easy to imagine the opening nine-minute track ‘Factor 30’ on the beach before the party, thanks to its exotic warmth, and it sets the scene for an album where a classic Balearic theme is established. ‘Birds & Drones’ does what Bjarno does best, hitting a really nice, low slung dubby groove, while the slower disco beats thicker textures he uses elsewhere make for great sunshine music. Strongly recommended for some heat-soaked sounds.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood