Fluxion – Vibrant Forms II Reissue – (Subwax BCN)

The calls for a reissue of arguably Kostas Soublis’ best album as Fluxion, ‘Vibrant Forms II’, have been long and loud – and now, thanks to Subwax Barcelona, they have been answered in the form of an attractive package that, while re-releasing the tracks on CD, makes them available digitally for the first time. The new artwork reflects exactly what is involved, as Soublis conjures up an ideal mixture of dub and house to create evocative atmospheres. The dark, smoky fusion of the two forms is incredibly effective on tracks like 4, a sprawling canvas that crackles with atmosphere, and also ‘Outerside’, which shows just how effective Soublis could be with what on the face of it are very simple ideas. As sunset music Fluxion really takes some beating, as he makes some incredibly ambient sound pictures but also keeps the approaching darkness well within his scope. Small wonder the album has become as popular as it has.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood