Seth Hills

Hailing from The Netherlands, 24 year old Sergio van den Heuvel’s passion has evidently manifested into something far greater than a hobby. Trying his hand at DJing and producing at the age of 15, within a short amount of time it became apparent Sergio’s desire to translate his creative ideas into sound was one of his most significant goals. Years down the track, and it’ s been a mission accomplished with massive hits such as ‘Raise Your Hands’, ‘Riot’, ‘Centipede’ and ‘Fire’. We check in with the Seth Hills front man as he releases his new ‘Void EP’ on the mighty STMPD RCRDS…

You’ve recently released your Void EP, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the EP and the tracks on there?

The inspiration for the VOID EP was to put out an EP with a 2.0 version of my previous sound. Also I wanted to keep my fans entertained during these times where most of the people are spending their time at home.

The artwork portrays a robot, does this connect to the storyline of the EP?

Indeed the artworks are connected and linked to each other! And the robot might even come back again in the future.. 

How long did it take you to finish the project? What did the process look like?

In the beginning of 2020 we decided to put out a Seth Hills EP. I already had every track laying around back then, but some of them were far from finished. Void was the first one that was finished but there were a lot of different versions from this track before it became the track that it is right now. Instinct happened quite naturally together with the guys from AYOR and was done pretty quick. Rewire was probably the track that I worked on for the longest time. I already tested this track out at ADE last year! Revelation was also a pretty long lasting project which took around 5-6 months in total.

How has your music developed over the past years? What do you feel helped you develop your sound?

I guess my sound became more and more noticeable over the last past years. At the end it was all about having fun and producing a sound that I’m loving to play the most when I play shows. And especially that part of imagining for yourself what kind of style/productions you want to play out live helped me so much for developing this sound for how it is right now.

What have been your biggest musical influences? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I don’t really have big influences when it comes to my own sound, but I always really looked up towards Skrillex, for me he is just the biggest producer out there since he keeps raising the bar for production level and just keeps surprising me with every single production he makes.

When did you realize this is what you wanted to do for a living?

Actually quite soon when I started to produce seriously. It’s quite a silly story but I literally didn’t knew what to do else in the future for a living. Making music was the first thing that really triggered me to invest a lot of time in and even let things go to do music. I also was very aware of the fact that it was not easy at all to make a living out of it. But i never doubted about taking the risk for myself.

What has it been like not being able to play shows? Do you enjoy still being able to do livestreams?

It’s still really hard and difficult for me to realize that im not able to do shows. I miss the people and the energy from the fans a lot! I feel more pumped than ever to do live shows again. Ofcourse it’s a good alternative to do livestreams so my fans can still watch me play, but at the end nothing beats the feeling and energy of a real show.

What is the most challenging thing for you as an artist right now?

For me it’s a bit hard and challenging to keep making club tracks while the clubs are closed.. Also when you’re not able to travel it’s quite a challenge to deliver sick content for my socials but of course you have to stay creative!

What’s next for Seth Hills?

A lot of studio time of course. Also im really excited for the stuff that im working on right now. I’m focussing a bit more on a different side of music, and all I can say is that im really excited to put all this tracks out.

What advise would you give to producers who are trying to improve their sound?

Always keep having fun in making music. There is a reason why you started making music and you always should stick to that. Try to make something YOU really like, so don’t try to prove yourself to others. Just make music how you want it to be.