DMCWORLD enters unchartered waters as we nail down an exclusive interview with electronic music’s first ever space traveller producer. Speak friend and enter…

Yawdel welcome to DMCWORLD! Please tell us where you have come from?

I was born a billion years ago in the galaxy udfy-38135539, sent here for a classified mission one million years ago, but I didn’t arrive until 2019, somewhere in Asia. Arriving here I didn’t know anything about your language, but I’ve quickly found that making music is the easiest way to communicate before even learning words.

You are a great character, is your backstory looking to be turned into a comic book or anime maybe?

Thanks for the compliment, I’ve heard that some manga artists are really interested and are considering making a comic book about me and my story. I’ve recently started anime for my music videos too, with ‘Taste It’ out already. Obviously humans really love super-hero stories!

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Taste It’, what’s the message of the track?

The message behind ‘Taste It’ is quite simple: life is short and fragile so don’t waste your time, follow your instinct and passion. It will sometimes be a tough road but if you’re determined enough you will be successful. Zhiko, who wrote the lyrics, was inspired by his own experiences. He was working in a restaurant completely tired of the same routine, so one day he just took off his apron, walked out and never went back, and has followed his dream of music ever since, which is starting to pay off.

How did your collaboration with Zhiko come about?

I’d heard his voice on a track called ‘Think Twice’ and really loved his flow and tone, and immediately thought he would be perfect on my song ‘Taste It’, so I got in touch with him and sent over the instrumental. He’s a very versatile singer and a cool human too. Our collaboration went perfectly and he also contributed some ideas that weren’t there before, which made it into the completed song. I hope to work with him again.

What’s you favourite part of the production process?

Well, I believe that music is like telling stories to children, you’ve got to portray the emotion in a way the listener can follow. This is what I have in my head from start to finish when I produce music. The best moment for me is when elements in a track start to really feel cohesive and make sense, as if each part were meant for the song, and you’ve got to build the arrangement until it all fits together.

Have you previously had experience as a DJ or musician, or is this a complete debut?

I was born in a family surrounded by music a very long time ago, and on my planet learning music is one a priority to teach children. Unfortunately instruments on earth are a bit different so I had to quickly adapt to your computers and keyboards. My experience on earth is totally new but my motivation is strong because I see everyday how music makes people happier in their lives.

What venues are you looking to play at once Covid-19 subsides?

I’m ready to play on every continent in every venues that would happily have me. I’ve watched videos of some of the biggest EDM events and it looks incredibly exciting to play for such a big audience! I’m really looking forward to that!

What’s in store later in 2020 for Yawdel?

There’s a lot of new music coming out with many different guests. My love for music and collaborations push me in many different directions in the EDM and even rap scene, so if I write a song in a certain genre I always try to give it that Yawdel twist/signature. In early May we’ll release a second single called ‘Cant Escape’ featuring Laurent John, then another release with a big US rapper named Token. The full debut EP will be out in June. You can follow me on my socials where I am very active: