Back to Mine with Zamal

Zamal calls himself a “military brat”, half US-American citizen born to a mother that served in the US Air Force branch of the military, he was finally stationed in Stuttgart’s barracks after many years of constant moving. His non conventional upbringing and love of underground electronic sounds has helped develop his own particular take on techno. To date, he has mostly self-released his raw and rugged DIY live sounds but has also contributed tracks to the Queer Base and Impact compilations on this label. As he makes his debut EP ‘Vague’ for  Freeride Millenium, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Zamal.

Lil Wayne – Please Don’t Shoot Me Down

Lil Wayne used to be my favourite rapper when I was coming up in the States. This is one of the last albums that I was really into and this song has really stood the test of time for me somehow because I still love to play it.

Michael Jackson feat. Eve – Butterflies (remix)

I think I got this song from my mom back in the day. I hate to admit it but she probably had a big influence on my taste in music.

Michael Jackson Feat. Eve - Butterflies Remix

The Doors – Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor

I used to really idolise Jim Morrison when I was a teenager but in retrospect The Doors was such a great band musically and this song is proof.

Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor

KMRU – Peel

It’s hard for me to relax and be in the moment sometimes, but ambient music helps.

KMRU - Peel [Audio]

Ke Thu – Jungo

The percussions on this are what really get me. It has this really tribal kind of feeling, which I sometimes find kitschy but on this it works.

LDS – Organic Computer Awareness

I really admire dub techno. I am still being introduced into the style of music but it can just sound so retro-future.

LDS - Organic Computer Awareness [MONNOM023]

East Of Oceans – Neverlasting Love

The vocals, the breaks, the lo-fi, it makes me feel hopeful about love, even though the title might imply the exact opposite. Love (or lack there of) can take you to some pretty dark places and even in that there is beauty, that is what this song somehow sings to me.  The whole EP is really worth listening to!

East of Oceans - Neverlasting Love

Europa – Baby Bliss

The original, Mary J. Blige – Be Happy was released in 1994, the same year that I was born in. This was basically the music I grew up with, just adjusted to my modern need for bass. It’s on a whole other level of nostalgia.

Jagged Edge - Walked Outta Heaven (Official Video)

Raphael Schön – Lonely Nights

I had to include one from the home base. Freeride Millennium has been such a big influence on me in the last few years and has such an outstanding discography with a wide range of sound. This EP from Raphael Schön for example is already an instant classic.

Raphael Schön - Lonely Nights

Jacques Torrance – Prln

This should definitely play as the credits role at the end of my life.

Jacques Torrance – Prln


Zamal ‘Vague’ (incl Raphael Schön and Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remixes) will be released on December 1st 2022 on Freeride Millenium