Back To Mine with Air Horse One

As their new track, ‘Out Of The Blue’, drops on Cook Strummer’s ‘Berlin Gets Physical’ compilation, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Air Horse One.

Mount kimbie feat. King Krule – You Took Your Time

Mount Kimbie - You Took Your Time (Feat. King Krule)

This track is a collaboration of two acts that have been with us for a long time. Mount kimbie influenced us early and brought us to electronic music. King krule speaks not only for the English youth but also to us, from the soul.

Mndsgn – Camelblues

Mndsgn - Camelblues

This artist is the archetype of laidback music. This blues has often accompanied us on continuous loop through dreary days. Also one of the most likeable videos ever.

Social Kid – Transmissions

When we heard this track we were both blown away. The genre is difficult to define. That’s exactly why we were so taken with it and kept looking in that direction. Whether at home or on the road. A constant companion.

Whiney feat. Subten – Headlines

Whiney - Headlines (feat. Subten) Official Video

We used to listen to a lot of drum n bass. This track rekindled the fire. Since then, Earl has been hearing a lot of offset snares again. It’s nice to see that more and more genres are mixing and developing together.

Gaiser – Bodylost

Gaiser - Bodylost (Original Mix)

This song is the epitome of techno music for us. We miss the techno of this time. Always rolling and pushing, but melodic with an ‘earworm’ character. If techno is playing at home then this song is among the selection.

Zanzibar Channel – Killer

Zanzibar Chanel - Killer

The contrast of super atmospheric sounds and aggressive vocals caught us from the beginning. The two artists also radiate the contrast through their performance. An absolute feast for the ears and eyes.

Eliminate – No Sleep

Eliminate - No Sleep

Always looking for new and special sound design, Eliminate has often surprised us. Not only via his tracks but also his tutorials which run we’ve watched repeatedly. Absolutely recommended. Not only helpful but also very entertaining.

James Blake – To Care (Lile You)

To Care (Like You)

James Blake showed us what and how music can be. He was ahead of his time.

Gaslamp Killer feat. Shigeto – Shred You To Bits

The Gaslamp Killer - Keep It Simple Stupid (feat. Shigeto) [Music Video]

This gentleman is a benchmark fro musicians and genre all of his own. Besides this track, his Boiler room video completely blew us away. The mixing skills are out of this world. Being so one with the music, he has always been a role model for us.

Suff Daddy – Club Bob Needed More Sex Drugs

Club Bob Needed More Sex Drugs

This song is a great example of less is more. If the individual elements are good, it doesn’t need more than a few tracks. The vocal is one of the biggest earworms we’ve heard. The genre has been with us for a long time through acts like Max Graef.

Cook Strummer – Berlin Gets Physical is out now on Get Physical Music.