Back To Mine With Vorso

Vorso has emerged with his debut album, ‘Holonomy’, boasting some twenty new tracks on Inspected. Beginning his career in 2017, Vorso’s fresh approach to production and his distinct, intricately heavy sound gained widespread attention from tastemakers. And from these attributes, he’s garnered support from the likes of Aphex Twin, Noisia, KOAN Sound and many more figures, with his own releases reaching the catalogue of imprints such as UKF’s Pilot Records. Alongside remixes for Au5 & Mr Bill and Culprate, Vorso is building his own repertoire, which has brought him to Inspected with his ‘Holonomy’ LP. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Vorso.

Stay – Matchsticks

I love the almost whistling riff in this one, it was one of the tunes that really inspired my halftime / beats stuff. Couldn’t resist referencing that panpipe sample chopping in “Weirdzone” from my album.

EXIT047 Stray- Matchsticks

Halogenix – Independent

I love the murmuring, ambiguous vocals in this one – the melody is so memorable for me. Everything Halogenix makes is great but this one is such a fusion of all the things that I like in a tune.

Halogenix - Independent

EPROM – Untitled Emotional Acid

Funniest title I’ve seen in a while haha. This one is so much fun to listen to, the rhythmic and synth work is amazing but also so restrained.

Untitled Emotional Acid

Posij & Former – Nother Mist

I have really vivid memories of driving across the Severn bridge in the mist late at night while this one was on. Something about being on a huge concrete structure in the dark seemed to fit this tune very well.

Posij & Former - Nother Mist

Haywyre – Sculpted

This is an old favourite of mine. I remember listening to this while exploring the Alpilles in France. The bassline that comes in towards the second half gets me every time.

[Electronic] - Haywyre - Sculpted [Monstercat FREE Release]

Billboard – Shapes

I remember finding this one on Soundcloud years ago when I was looking for new music. The way this one weaves big 80s drums with this really modern catchy bass riff makes it so much fun to listen to.

Oliver – Wherever We Are (ft. Elohim)

I’ve been a fan of Oliver for years – there’s so much to love in this album it was hard to narrow it down to one tune. The sound of these ones is just so precise and intentional, this one especially feels like such a nice mix of modern and retro sounds. It was a big inspiration for my tune “2082”.

Kilowatts – Living Stones

My partner collects Lithops, which are these small South African plants which camouflage as pebbles and rocks (also known as “living stones”). I was already a fan of Kilowatts’ music, but was especially drawn to this one – feels very evocative of the kind of landscape the plants would be found in naturally.

Mike Oldfield – Secrets

I love the original Tubular Bells – I can remember listening to it years ago and being captivated by all 50 minutes. Think that was one of the things that inspired me to start producing music. I still think the original can’t be beaten but I think this trance-y take on the melody is also really fun.

Louis Cole – Night

I found this album in 2021 in the middle of Winter when it felt like it was dark all the time. The whole record is great but there’s something about how this one slowly builds and fades away. Really found a lot inspiration for the last side of my own album from this one.

Night - Louis Cole

Vorso ‘Holonomy’ is out now on Inspected.