The House of EFUNK pres. Josh Wink ‘The Cidevant EP’ Soul Clap Records

‘The Cidevant EP’ is a nostalgic outing from Josh Wink, armed with deep electronic grooves and emotive melodies that transport you to the past, bathing you in warmth and remembrance, showcasing  Josh Wink’s incredible diverse productions. ’12 Months Of Longing’ sports a pounding 909 kick, funky percussion, lush keys and swirling beats. The production leads into bouncing bass that evolves into a rhythmic pause where soaring strings and melodies build into a giant crescendo. ‘Sexy Bot’ comes with stabs and ascending pads teased with a Detroit inspired musical progression. Symphonic string plucks leads you into a break of hot melodies that explodes into a rolling bass groove. There’s also a groovy remix From Charlie Soul Clap. ‘Used To Be’ comes with a signature Wink Acid bassline complimented by a haunting synth. Wink then adds his voice to the song, “The way I used to be”, endorsing the overall nostalgic and goosebump inducing feeling of this unique EP.

4/5 Ratha Gud