Interview by Rob Chadwick


Hey guys, welcome to DMCWORLD – how are you today?

All good thanks, currently on the plane to Ibiza. We are playing Together at Amnesia on the Terrace, love this place!!! 

When did you first meet and why did you decide to work together?
Over 15 years ago in 3 Beat Records, Liverpool. It was just a progression of both liking similar music, DJs and clubs. 

Who does what – do you each have certain roles in the studio?
We share the work load equally, we both love to source new/old music and production wise we’re both happy to lead. Just depends what we are working on that day…Mike is an awesome musician so he does the musical side of things. 

And what about in the DJ booth? Do you talk and communicate, or do you know what the other will play by now?
Yer we communicate quite a lot, we try to push the boundaries as much as possible without killing the vibe or being to anal…so its cool to have an extra set of ears and eyes. Over time we’ve come to work out each others basic set so its always fun to throw a curve ball in there ha. A lot of the time we’ll talk about what tracks sounds good/bad on the big systems. 

How different are remixes than originals? Do you approach them differently? What is the art of a good remix?
Well I think most A&R guys would appreciate most elements of the original in the remix. We use some original parts but always try to take it somewhere else unless its just an edit. You have a lot more freedom on original music, theirs no pressure I guess. A good remix should be a cool alternative thats interesting enough to have its own vibe. 

You play Pier Jam soon – what should people expect? What you feeling right now?
We played last year, its right down the end of the Pier. If the weather holds out it will be crazy!!! This years line up is so sick, we can’t wait to get involved. The locals know how to party thats for sure…anything by Latmun is crazy big for us right now. 

How do crowds in the UK compare to the rest of the world?
It’s hard to determine which is better…UK crowds tend to know what to expect musically or they have an idea of what they do and don’t like, Europe seems more willing to experiment musically. And America is slowly waking up to new ideas and music genres other than EDM and RnB. 

How do you like playing outdoors vs indoors, in the dark of a club vs the bright sun? 
A few months ago we’d have both said an Indoors 5am joint but recently we’ve played a lot of daytime parties and its been seriously off its cake haha… Svojsice Festival outside Prague & Hightide, Southampton are both worthy of a mention – Amazing Parties!!! 

How do you relax and chill away from music? How do you spend your cash?
It’s pretty much 24/7 in the studio and on the road at the minute. Most of the pennies are spent on new studio equipment/software and extra leg room on the flights haha (we are camels after all).

What is the last record that made you go ‘wow’ and really shocked you? Can you tell us why?
Latmun – Def was probably the last time we we’re totally blown away by a track, its just so different and it’s an instant crowd pleaser… 

Camelphat play Pier Jam Blackpool Saturday July 23rd