Bart B More

Bart van der Meer, AKA Bart B More, has quickly become one of the brightest new stars in the international electronic music scene. He has consistently been crafting dancefloor destroyers that have received massive support from prominent DJ’s around the world. DMC checks in…

Bart, I bet you drove your parents mad with your constant sound of bass booming out of your bedroom as a kid, which were your early musical influences?

“I come from a pretty big family and when I was young my older brothers used to listen to early rave and Chicago house/techno. Later on I started to get into the French house sound that sampled a lot of disco records. I don’t know how my parents coped with all the noise in that house but they did it!”

How old were you when you were aware of the importance of the DJ, which Dutch DJs were you looking up to growing up?
“I was 16 years old when I went to my first rave. That first experience of seeing a DJ play such cool music in front of so many people was indescribable. I dreamt to one day be that person, and it’s really cool that it became reality. The Dutch DJ’s I looked up to at that time were DJs like Laidback Luke and Speedy J.”

What was the best piece of advice your parents gave you when it was apparent your life would be full of music. Were they happy about your choice of career?
“When I told my parents I was going to do music full time they were a bit concerned if I could make a decent living in that industry, but they told me if this is what I wanted to do I should do it and go for it 200%.”

What was your first break in the music industry?
“When ‘So It Goes’ dropped on Toolroom. That was the first time one of my records got played by a lot of big name DJs. I started to get remix requests and to play shows internationally. I had no idea what was happening to me.”

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
“I wish I was more organized.”

How important have Chocolate Puma been in your steady rise to the top?
“They are my mentors. They’ve been in this scene for a long time now and they know exactly how this music world works so it’s great I can turn to them for advice. Although we don’t really make the same kind of music, I admire the way they make decisions and to me they’re a great example and reference on how to have a good career in music.”

Did the phone start going mad after Pete Tong and co. championed your remix of Sandy Rivera’s ‘Freak’?
“That was definitely a period where a lot of labels were hitting me up for remixes. For about a year I was only doing just that and didn’t had time to work on original productions anymore. I think that balance is better now. I schedule in studio time to work on my own productions and only do remixes every once in a while.”

DMCWORLD Magazine are all over your ‘Bodywork’ tune you made with Tommie Sunshine on Calvin Harris’s Fly Ele label. We said in the review that it makes “The Chems sound like Jedward.” – What are your thoughts on that!?
“Well I’m a huuuge fan of the Chemical Brothers so that’s one of the biggest compliments you can ever give me – so thank you”

Your live sets are something special. You have appeared at the likes of LA’s Electric Daisy Carnival, Trouble & Bass in New York and the Institubes Festival in Paris to raptous receptions. How would you describe your live shows – how do you put them together?
“I think about 80% of my DJ sets is my own music and the other 20% is whatever I feel like playing at the time. Different cities have different vibes so wherever I play I trie to play the music that within my own musical boundaries people are into in that city.”

Where in the world is your ‘happy place’?
“At home in Utrecht. I can be in my ‘cocoon’ for days haha!”

Your own label Secure Recordings has had some big releases from acts including Riva Starr, Diplo, Dem Slackers and Bingo Players. Are there and new releases coming our way?
“Yes we just released ‘The Bass EP’ which was a collaboration between Drop The Lime, AC Slater and myself. And the next one will be a 2 track EP I did with Harvard Bass.”

What has been your favourite Secure Recordings release?
“The Fierce Ruling Diva remix EP. It’s an honour to re-release such a classic Dutch record and the remix package was great! Very diverse and everyone that did one killed it.”

What one piece of vinyl would you never sell for love of money?
“The first record I ever bought. Armand van Helden – ‘Ghetto House Groove’.”

What is your favourite bootleg you’ve brought us?
“Watch out for this new 2 Unlimited bootleg I did with TAI.”

Who in your opinion have been the best producers over the last 10 years?
“Stuart Price, Switch and Boys Noize.”

What do you love and hate about Holland?
“I love it that Dutch people are in general very straight forward down to earth people. I like that whole no bullshit attitude. I hate the rainy weather.”

Which city around the world has the craziest clubbers?
“Recently a party I played in Cologne in Germany was reeeeally crazy.”

Which DJs do you like playing with these days?
“Drop the Lime, AC Slater, Tommie Sunshine and Harvard Bass.”

What are your big 10 tunes you are spinning right now?
Goose – Synrise (Mumbai Science Remix)
Tai & Bart B More – Spezi
Luke Walker – Tough Love (Attaque Remix)
Beat & Bang – Hunger (Ado Remix)
Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers – Singapore Madness
Tai/Bart B More/2 Unlimited – No Limit
Krafty Kuts – Let’s Go Ride (Ado Remix)
Jan Driver – Raveyard
Tommie Sunshine & Bart B More – Bodywork
Baskerville – Leecher

What is your greatest weakness?
“I’m practically unable to say no.”

What is the anthem of the Summer?
“Kolsch – Loreley”

What have been some of your favourite clubs you have played at in 2011 so far?
“Off of the top of my head, Neidklub in Hamburg, Bootshaus in Cologne and Tivoli in Utrecht were all awesome!”

If we came back to yours after a club, what are the 10 Back To Mine tunes you’d play us out of your private collection to chill or carry on the party?
Raw Man – Warning
Alan Braxe – In Love With You
The XX – Islands
Phoenix – Too Young
Bibio – Fire Ant
Jneiro Jarel – Big Bounce Theory
Chemical Brothers – Surface To Air
Metronomy – The Bay
Zoot Woman – Living In Magazine
Sky Ferreira – One

What is the best film you have seen recently?
“Me and you and everyone we know”

Best ever festival experience?
“EDC in Las Vegas this year was incredible!”

And finally, what is coming out next from the Bart studio?
“A lot! I’m currently in the studio for a week with Tommie Sunshine and Riptide working on a very special project. There are collaborations coming up with Harvard Bass, TAI & Felix Cartal and there are about 8 new Bart B More original tracks I’m feeling happy about. I’m very excited to release all of this stuff and hope I will be able to do it soon!”