The Dutch dynamo throwing shapes as he releases another anthem

Interview : Dan Prince

Welcome back to DMCWORLD dude, where in the world are you right now?

“Hey Dan! Right now I’m in my hotel in Vegas preparing for the show at Hakkasan tonight. We’re hosting a very special launch party for the new Revealed Volume 4 album. The show is sold out and there’s a massive buzz on the strip so I’m just putting the finishing touches to some extra special edits I’ve prepared for tonight.”

Cool. Well a brand new single out this week ‘Three Triangles (Losing My Religion)’ ­ talk us through this track which has one of the most instantly recognizable vocals of all time inside…

“It’s an idea I’ve had for a while. I put some work into it earlier in the year but due to my I AM Hardwell launch and the new Revealed Vol4 album I had to delay completing it. REM are one of those hugely talented bands, whose music has this evergreen appeal. I was cautious about touching it at first especially because the track is so identifiable, but I gave it a go and I just fell in love with the end result.”

Was ‘Three Triangles’ one of these tracks that you instantly knew you had created something a bit special?

“Yes definitely. It’s difficult working with something that is already such a special track. I love the original so I didn’t want to detract from its quality but at the same time I needed to put my own sound on it else the idea in my head wouldn’t work.”

Check the video out here:


Your new Revealed Volume 4 is out on Monday ­ what are some of the big tracks you are especially pleased to have got on there?

“Yeah I’m really proud of this one because it features some tracks that have been so big in my sets lately.This one includes some really exciting record by guys like Alvaro and Kill The Buzz, Mightyfools, as well records like Dyro ‘Leprechauns and Unicorns’ and Dannic’s ‘Rocker’. There are also some big tracks in there like W&W’s remix of Armin van Buuren’s ‘This is What It Feels Like’, Knife Party’s ‘LRAD’ and my Beatport #1 remix hit for Krewella’s ‘Alive’. I also include a couple of special edits of my own hits such as ‘Apollo’, ‘Encoded’ and my collaboration ‘Never Say Goodbye’ with Dyro.”

“I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake”. Your life is backward indeed. What would a perfect day off Sunday be for you?

“Well the old cliché is I don’t ever take a day off, which is kind of true. I’m either on the road or in the studio but this isn’t a job to me, this is a passion. I wake up every day excited to push myself harder to be a better producer or dj. On the occasional day I am having down time then I like to surround myself with family and friends. This is important for me because it keeps me grounded as a person.”

You are playing at the incredible Hakkasan Las Vegas tonight and at the Electric Daisy Carnival on Saturday night. How can you compare the crowds in Las Vegas to say, a crowd in Ibiza?

“For me I prefer not to compare but instead take the view that we have these two amazing locations that are both the centre of dance music right now, each in their own unique way. Ibiza will always be the number one but the bright lights of Vegas have given club culture a whole new setting for music fans. The parties there are really something special. Hakkasan is one of the most impressive venues I’ve played. I knew the moment I walked into the building I wanted to have a residency there.”

You are enjoying a wicked guest slot down at Pacha in Ibiza this summer, how has it been going?

“I’ve only played the one show so far, with more shows over the summer, but so far it has been outstanding. I played Amnesia for Cream on the Thursday and then Mambo and Pacha on the Saturday and all 3 shows were wild. I was a bit tired when I arrived back on the Saturday but the moment I arrived at Mambo and sensed the atmosphere from the crowds there my energy levels went through the roof! By the time I got to Pacha the party was really going off. I absolutely loved it!”

What makes Pacha such a wonderful club to play at?

“Pacha’s one of the world’s most famous clubs. So many of my peers have ignited the dance floor there. There’s a unique atmosphere at Pacha, it’s quite a magical experience to dj under those renowned cherries!”

We checked your villa out on Facebook, slightly stunning. Have you had any people back for the obligatory sunrise pool party yet?

“It was a warm welcome to the island again and great to gain some energy before a few hectic days of playing gigs on the island before going off touring again. We also had a Revealed Recordings party there the other week to celebrate what has been a fantastic summer for the label and to mark the arrival of the new Revealed Volume 4 album. So it was just a private affair!”

Where are some of the big festivals you are looking forward to hitting this summer?

“I have a really exciting tour diary coming up with a run of festival dates at the likes of Creamfields, Dance Valley, Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Gathering, UMF Europe and many others.I will also be in Ibiza this summer playing Pacha, Cream at Amnesia, Space, Ushuaia for Avicii’s party and I will also be at Privlidge for the BBC Radio 1 party in August, which I am really looking forward to!”

Catch an exclusive Hardwell set at Electric Daisy Carnival on 20th July @ the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 (08444 999 990)


Hardwell “Three Triangles (Losing My Religion)”

Available on iTunes now: http://bit.ly/12yk1zB