Thomas Newson

World get ready! A new superstar is here! ‘Flute’ and  ‘Pallaroid’ smashing it up 

Interview : Dan Prince

Thomas welcome to DMCWORLD – where in the world are you right now?

“Hi Dan, I’m in my studio right now! Working on some new stuff!”

When I told the Buzz Chart office I was interviewing you today they replied…”Wow! He is the massive new superstar for 2014!” – what are your thoughts on that?

“Unreal, I can’t believe what’s happening right now! The reactions about my new tunes are insane! The best feeling that you can have!”

You have had a great 2013 culminating in two massive tunes that rocked ADE. Let’s kick off with ‘Pallaroid’, talk us through the track…

“’Pallaroid’ was signed to Revealed Recordings earlier this year! Hardwell premiered it at Tomorrowland and it was one of his secret bombs in all his sets! It’s so good to see these good reactions about ‘Pallaroid’! I never thought Revealed would want to sign this one!”

The biggest buzz circulating Amsterdam last week was of course this mystery ‘Flute’ track. No one knew who was behind it, Spinnin Records so excited about it…but who is the producer? YOU!! Tell us about the history of the track and how difficult has it been keeping this all secret? 

“It was so difficult for me to keep this all secret! It’s crazy to see what the track is doing around the world. I’m so excited for the release. The hype is getting bigger and bigger on this one!”

Did you know on completion that you were sitting on a monster – where did you first play it out?

“No we didn’t know, when we worked on ‘Flute’ we didn’t know if it would work.. it was very new and next level…so we thought we’d get a lot of bad comments about that track.”

Your ‘Kalvela’ track you made with John Dish received some serious support from the likes of Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack and Dannic…whose names are you always excited to see supporting your new music…?

“Every support makes me excited Dan!”

Okay some quick fire questions…

What is the record you wish you had made?  

“Martin Garrix – ‘Animals’.”

The first record you bought?

“Pff.. I don’t know actually…I think Tocadisco – ‘Morumbi’  in 2007.”

Not many people know this, but Thomas Newson is really good at…

“Freestyle and off-piste skiing…”

Your favourite album in the world?

“Zedd – ‘Clarity Album’.”

Your guilty pleasure song? The record you secretly love but shouldn’t…

“I don’t have one Dan, if I like a track I play it or mashup it with another track!”

The person from history you would most love to have a beer with and why?

“Marc Zwart (Creative Manager Cloud 9) He made my dreams come true! Without him I would never become a DJ or Producer…”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

1. Thomas Newson – Pallaroid

2. New World Sound & Thomas Newson – Flute

3. Armin Van Buurn ft Trevor Guthrie – What It Feels Like (Audien Remix)

4. Thomas Newson & John Dish – Kalavela

5. Dannic & Sick Individuals – Blueprint

6. Martin Volt & Quintin State – Ruins

7. Ivan Gough & Jebu – Kukatu

8. Nom De Strip – Techno Saturday

9. Audien ft. Michael S – Leaving You (Thomas Newson Remix)

10. Dannic & Sick Individuals – Blueprint

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

“’Pallaroid’, ‘Flute’ and ‘Kalavela’ (can’t tell the release date) a new solo track ‘Don’t Hold Us’ on Armada in January / February 2014 and some new remixes!”

Let’s rewind, let’s go back a few years to a young Thomas Newson still in short trousers! What is your earliest music memory?

“I listened a lot to techno and minimal back in the day and that inspired my to produce music! I started producing two and half years ago…”

At what age did electronic music start to interest you and who were the producers / DJs that first grabbed your attention?

“Hardwell and Nicky Romero are always a big inspiration for me! I love their work from the beginning!

What did your family think of your decision to pursue a career in music?

“They didn’t like it, school is more important, that’s what they’re always saying! I want to do both but it’s too hard to do both together…so I’m going to fully focus on the music!”

If you hadn’t have become a producer, what other careers interested you growing up?

“Starting my own label or working as an A&R label manager!”

Can you remember the moment when it suddenly hit you, ‘yes I can have a career in music and be succesful’?

“Well I never thought I would get success with producing music, so I’m very happy with how far I have gotten so far…”

It’s your birthday – who are the 3 DJs you invite to spin at your party and what singer do you ask to sing you happy birthday?

“Dutch House mafia (Hardwell, Dyro, Dannic) and John Martin!”

Who are some of the producers from around the world you are giving high fives to at the moment?

“Pff there are too many DJs…I think Martin Garrix and Audien are two of the best up and coming DJs in my opinion!”

Has modern technology made a producer’s job too easy in 2013?

“Yes too easy! Back in the days you had to have DJ skills to become a DJ, today you have to make good music to become a DJ!”

Anthem of the summer?

“Pff there are a lot of summer anthems…I think Audien did a great job on ‘Leaving You’!”

And finally, what is the best piece of advice you can offer to the thousands of aspiring producers reading this wanting to follow in your footsteps?

“If you can dream it, you can do it and never give up!”