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Peter Williamson and Andy Manning first met when Andy was working on productions for the likes of Axtone and Kontor, before they began fine tuning their productions and leading the next wave of the tech house movement, resulting in a slew of hit singles across 2020.  The duo’s latest offering ‘Sweet Love’ follows their remix of the KC Lights smash ‘Girl’ and previous single ‘Reaction’ feat. Jodie Knight. The duo also dropped two tracks on MK’s esteemed Area 10 label, including their biggest success to date with their remix of Ananbel Englund’s ‘So Hot’, which has surpassed 10 million streams. Further remix highlights include MK and Becky Hill’s platinum-selling ‘Back & Forth’ and MK and Sonny Fodera’s ‘One Night’, currently at 2.3 million streams on Spotify. On the tour front, they’ve performed at some of the world’s most recognisable clubs and festivals, including Creamfields, The Warehouse Project, EH-1, Ibiza Rocks, We Are FSTVL, Bramley Docks, The 02 Academy Brixton and at the AREA10 stage at Parklife. DMC dive in for the world exclusive on new single ‘Sweet Love’…


Do you have any studio rituals or superstitions? – No superstitions but we do have a positivity 8 ball in there that we shake when we have writers block. We couldn’t get the baseline right for ‘Sweet Love’ with Hayley May, and one shake of the ball and all of a sudden we found the perfect sound so it definitely works.. or we think does anyway!?

What’s your favourite production kit and why? There’s probably too many to list but I’d have to say ‘serum’, there are loads of cool packs out there you can download for a couple of pound and introduce new sounds into your music.

What’s your favourite memory from creating your new single ‘Sweet Love’?Favourite memory was probably how rushed and last minute it was getting in the studio with Hayley, we hadn’t even planned to work together that week and literally 2 days before we managed to organise a late session with Hayley which she absolutely nailed the topline within about 5 minutes from hearing the drop. Class last minute track which ended up becoming the first track released from our writing camp

How did the single come together? We were down in london for our writing camp and knowing Hayley was around we sent her a message to see if she wanted to get in and so on the first Thursday we were there, Hayley called into the ultra studio to lay down the track. JP Thwaites also stayed late past the first session to help out on the writing, both him and Hayley nailed it!

How was working with Hayley May? Hayley is an amazing singer songwriter who’s vocals are incredible. Hayley knows exactly what she wants and how to get the vocals popping. Hayley was throwing all kinds of layers, ablibs and extras which really lifted the track into new territory.

What was the attraction to her voice?

The song that actually first attracted us to Hayley was M22 – ‘How Does It Feel’, her voice had us hooked from then, each track she brings out she just seems to nail. We love how she can really go for it and sing really powerfully but also completely controlled at the same time. Working with her in the studio was just so easy.

Who are you taking into the studio next time? 

So we have a couple of projects on the go! We are getting to work with some very talented writers and singers at the minute which is great, we have some in the works with Raphaella, Nathan Nicholson and Salena Mastroianni!

What positives have you taken from the last year? 

So one thing that we have found great from this last year, is appreciating the smaller things in life. I think its a common trait in the music industry, we are all so focussed on the next gig or the next show or the next release that we very rarely take a step back and just enjoy life and the moment we are in. Spending time with our families or even just enjoying walking through a park on your own listening to music is something I have never really taken time to enjoy in the past but we both do now.

If you could only listen to 3 records ever again, which ones would they be?

These are probably going to be random but I’d definitely say ‘Africa’ by TOTO, ‘Strong’  by London Grammar and ‘Glue’ by Bicep.

Who are your favourite unsung producers at the moment?

Not so sure we can call him unsung anymore but we love KC Lights and love the fact that he is getting bigger and bigger and more people are appreciating his music, he is so talented and a great guy. Another amazing producer who we have a collab coming with who many people won’t know YET is Exit11, he is really talented and has some amazing releases coming. Also really love how vibrant the Liverpool music scene is at the minute, there are so many talented guys and girls in our city and its amazing to see!

What’s coming up next for Nightlapse?

We have a track with the very talented Raphaella called ‘Hide & Seek’ which is sounding huge. A collab with Nathan Nicholson and a few more which we can’t confirm yet. Also finally have some gigs rolling in!!! We have Creamfields, a festival in Essex, Swansea and a gig for Belsonic in Belfast all booked, as well as a show in our home town Liverpool 3rd July which will be our first show back headlining in our own city!! Exciting times for us and our industry!

Lead image by Kris Humphreys Photography