Back To Mine with Professor Paws

Artist/Producer Professor Paws first hit our radar in 2019 when he teamed up with Big Chess on the GRM Daily premiered ‘Ride or Die’. Since that first drop his artist profile has continued to make major gains with releases including the emotive story of inner-city life and turmoil on ‘Rum Pa Pa Pum’ featuring Yung Saber, his second GRM Daily drop, which has since gained almost half a million views. Notably earning stripes early in his career, Professor Paws has spent the last year tying up some major moves behind the scenes and is now set to release ‘Southside Girl’, his first offering of fresh new music for 2021. A perfect time for DMCWORLD to step in and request a wonderful Back To Mine 10 from the main man…

Michael Jackson – Liberian Girl 
Michael Jackson is my top artist of all time. I chose this song because every time I listen to it, it puts me in a zone and space that no other song can. The vibe is unbeatable. It’s also underrated compared to Michael’s other songs, it’s a sleeper!
Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On
Another top artist for me, Marvin Gaye is an unmatchable artist. This song has loads of soul and puts me in the most relaxed vibe. Defo the best Sunday song, can’t be listening to Trap music all the time!
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Collie Buddz – Come Around
I grew up around a lot of culture’s and this is a ‘real bad boy Yard song’ that makes me remember growing up in South! When I listen to this song, I can’t help but screw my face because it’s got a dope energy. The song sounds like it takes influence from Hip Hop/Rap as the kick and bass slap – a key part in getting the right vibe in Hip Hop/Rap.
Collie Buddz - Come Around (Official Video)

DMX – Slippin’
This was one of the realest songs I ever heard, it raised me. R.I.P DMX he’s a real legend for me and I was saying this before he passed! This song helped me through my earliest dark moments in life while growing up. Every time I hear it, it sounds fresh and is relatable for me. DMX was one of the first rap / street artists to be open and vulnerable about everything including faith and I appreciate him for that. He was able to be gangster and vulnerable at the very same time. Alongside that touched a lot of peoples’ hearts and sold hella records – that’s special! This song captures a more vulnerable side to him lyrically.
DMX - Slippin' (Official Music Video)

Amy Winehouse – Some Unholy War – Down Tempo
Legendary, I’ve played this song more times than I can remember. I really mess with the down tempo version but like both versions. The down tempo version sounds like I’m in a casino at 2 am listening to a small stage performance by a dope singer. Amy Winehouse was a ‘rider chick’ and I love that about her and her music. Coming from the streets that’s relatable as there far and few you can trust! RIP to another legend.
Amy Winehouse - Some Unholy War

Craig David – 7 Days
Growing up on a lot of Garage and Grime in the UK, Craig David is one of the most influential musicians for me. This song is part of an album (Born To Do It) that every song for me is a banger. The reason I chose this song is, it still sounds fresh till this day even though is Garage which is almost non-existent these days. Another timeless piece of music and is yet to be beaten by another singer on garage beats.
Craig David - 7 Days (Official Video)

Giggs – Buff Baddies 
Very hard song and doesn’t have a chorus. Between this and Whippin’ Excursion, Giggs showed his ability to write a banger without a chorus. There’s not many rappers out there that can pull this off so I have a lot of respect for his ability to pull that off. That’s art. 
Giggs - Buff Baddies (Official Video)

H.E.R. – Best Part (Feat. Daniel Caesar)
HE.R has the craziest voice and songwriting abilities. This song shows her abilities clear as it’s minimal in production. I chose this song because it’s well put together and sets very high levels for vocalist / artist. Personally I think the song has a good concept and is relatable.
H.E.R. - Best Part (Audio) ft. Daniel Caesar

Rema – Dumebi
I chose this song as Rema is crazy talented and has the sickest flows / rhythms. He’s like a percussive instrument the way he puts together tracks and this track is an example of that. I respect his abilities and I think we’ll see even bigger things from him as he takes afrobeats to international audiences. This song has an original rhyme which makes me vibe every time.
Rema - Dumebi ( Official Music Video )

Burna Boy – Kilometre
I like the way this song and Burna Boy in general is bring a new flow and sounds to Afrobeats. Afrobeats is still evolving and I respect what artists like Bruna Boy are also doing for the genre. 
Burna Boy - Kilometre [Official Music Video]