Breakin’ Bread

What’s The Best Night Out You’ve ever Had?
Strangely enough the Breakin Bread clubnight takes that one. It’s a great buzz to play all your favourite tunes with no restrictions and see 500 people going wild!

What’s Your Favourite Club?
As above Breakin Bread! I’m a bit biased!

What’s Your Favourite Record Of All-time?
That’s a really difficult one! I’d rather go for a Top 3 in no particular order:
A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory.
Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.
James Brown – Anything from 1969 – 1973.

What Record Can’t You Stand?
There’s not much I’m quite open minded but I just don’t get Happy Hardcore

What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?
Fats Waller – Ain’t Misbehavin’ (honest!).

What Was The Last Record You Bought?
Ghostface – More Fish.

Name Three Of Your Biggest Influences…..
James Brown, Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons.

Who Would Play You In ‘Breakin’ Bread’ The Movie’

What’s Your Dream?
Make a living out of music I love!

How Do You Escape?
Girlfriend, Weed, Porn, Hill walking (not necessarily in that order).

What Is Your Favourite Possession?
Record Collection.

What Is Your Life Philosophy?
Enjoy it! Life’s not supposed to be easy so be as positive as possible.

What’s In Your Pockets?
Wallet, keys, coins, hankerchief!

If You Were An Animal, What Animal and Why?
Cheetah, they some fast good lookin’ muthafuckas!

You Are Having A Party, Whom Dead Or Alive Is On The Guest List?
James Brown, Vicki Anderson, Lyn Collins, Nicole Willis, Q Tip, Mode 2 and many more of my heroes.

When Was The Last Time You Embarrassed Yourself?
Too many occasions to think of, I’m constantly embarrassed!

Tell Us Something That We Don’t Know About ‘Breakin’ Bread’
I love running Breakin Bread but sometimes I wonder if all the work is going to drive me mad!

Dirtybeatbreakinfunk&hiphopcompilation out now.