What’s The Best Night Out You’ve ever Had?
There are really so many too name, One of the best ever, was at a place in 1991, in San Francisco at a party called “Toon Town” Then it was the blossoming of the west coast Rave scene, The big DJ’s at that time were. Doc Martin, and Jeno, Markie, Thomas otherwise known as the Wicked crew, The music at that party was a life changing experience and got me into following that path from that point on….

What’s Your Favourite Club?
Still to this day Fabric has the best place in my heart as they always are pushing the music forward and looking for what the next trends and sounds are… Its a SUPER club now and deserves it spot in that realm…. Judy at the club is amazing and after the 5 years of working there I still look forward to every return.

What’s Your Favourite Record Of All-time?
WOW Tuff Question, It would be a toss up between Michael Jackson “Off the Wall” Or Prince’s Controversy album, Then the list goes on and on from there, between the likes of Stevie Wonder to the JB’s ….

What Record Can’t You Stand?
hmmm, FERGA-LICIOUS, and half the rubbish that pollutes our heads and the airwaves, Music for the masses, cookie cutter House, all of this is killing the soul of what music can be, poor lyrical content, super cheesy hooks, its all rubbish too me….

What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?
Getting sooo personal, I don’t think there was any music playing, but at risk of sounding cheesy, it would have been a R&B hit I am sure, maybe Marvin Gaye, or Prince, you know the sexy stuff that would put me in that situation… LOL

What Was The Last Record You Bought?
The last record I bought was The new Jay Z album.. .HOT stuff, Jay -Z The return of Sean Carter…. Show Me what you got pretty lady!! HOT STUFF!!!

Name Three Of Your Biggest Influences…
Prince, Quincy Jones, Kraftwerk.

Who Would Play You In ‘Hipp-E’ The Movie?
Interesting… let me see, maybe someone like Jack Black!! He is Big, Funny, and crazy, Just like me!! LOL

What’s Your Dream?
That we will all get better understanding of cultures and racial indifference, and that we realise that this world is not ours, its our children’s and find better ways to communicate with each other, Corny as it sounds that is a life long dream for me.

How Do You Escape?
My Wife, My Kids, My Music, Thats an easy and short one, I also really enjoy Getting out and enjoying the beautiful city I live in San Diego.

What Is Your Favourite Possession?
There is nothing that I own that is not at some point disposable, But my Family and Freinds and the relationships I have built with cool peeps all over the world, is the favorite thing I like to call mine.

What Is Your Life Philosophy?
Enjoy yourself, give respect to get respect, Family first, Never let people tell you that you cant do something, and take care of your kids!! These are all the things I hold too be most important.

What’s In Your Pockets?
Lint!!!! I never carry too much in my pockets, on occasion you may find some chapstick, cash and maybe just maybe some papers for a spliff…. LOL

If You Were An Animal, What Animal and Why?
We are diving into very Hippie-ish territory here, but maybe a bird of some-sort, so I could fly on my own and not have to deal with all the pain of airport security these days…

You Are Having A Party, Whom Dead Or Alive Is On The Guest List?
James Brown, Rick James, Quincy Jones, Micheal Jackson, Prince, Bob James, Barry White, Teddy Pendegrass, all of which would be also performing and a long list of beautiful women and my lovely wife ;o)

When Was The Last Time You Embarrassed Yourself?
All the time, I like to do silly things and enjoy making fun of myself, you have to in this bizz, nothing is ever too serious Just ave a laugh, innit…
Tell Us Something That We Don’t Know About ‘Hipp-E’
My Name was given to me by my Brother in the early 80’s I hate the name Hipp-e Now, but then it was cool too have the DJ name, it ended up stickin with me, and to this day I prefer all my peeps to call me Eric… Or E- Rock!!! Just kiddin…

Hipp-E releases ‘People’ through Slip N Slide Records (out now). Followed by Slip N Slide first ever DJ mixed compilation series ‘Guidelines’.
www.myspace.com/djhippe    www.myspace.com/slipnslidemusic    www.slipnslidemusic.com