Heard any good rumours lately?
That Tipp-Ex is made from Snowman’s blood.

What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?
Leeds Love Parade – Mind-boggling!!!!

What’s your favourite club?
Housework @ Aura, Taunton (Its our baby), but I suppose Space comes close!

What’s your poison?
2 halves of Coors in a pint glass.

What’s your favourite record of all time?
Papua New Guinea – Future Sound Of London / Hybrid – Finished Symphony / Lostep – Burma (Sasha’s remix)

What record can’t you stand?
Eamon or DJ Otzi ‘Hey Baby’ or even worse Eamon singing ‘Hey Baby’!

What record did you lose your virginity to?
Rod Stewart – First Cut Is The Deepest (Pan Pipe moods version) – Not really, but would have been special!!

What was the last record that you bought?
Hooked – Heavy (Back 2 The Groove EP) (Elementary Group)

Name your three biggest influences.
Family, Friends and my conscience.

Who would play you in LnM Projekt the movie?
A young Roger Moore – No real reason for it, just one hell of a British Legend.  Failing that, Neil Buchanan from Art Attack, Simon Pegg from Spaced.

What’s your dream?
To fly a whole fleet of Red Arrows single handily and live a long happy life.

How do you escape?
I like to run a hot bubble bath, light numerous candles, put my hair up, turn the lights off, stick on Wet Wet Wet and just have a good cry.

What is your favourite possession?
Doggy Style.

What/who makes you laugh?
Old people falling over.  Being stupidly childish.  Peter Kaye, Vic & Bob, Alan Partridge.

When was the last time you committed a crime?
Marcus and I were arrested at Glastonbury 2004 having only been there for 20 minutes.  We were cuffed and shown the yellow card by the ‘Mullet Police’ for having an out-of-order hairstyle. We did deserve it!

What is your life philosophy?
Be yourself and treat others how you expect to be treated.

What is in your pockets?
Fluff, my hands and a couple of quid (and urgggh, an old doughnut)

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Bully from Bullseye – He must be loaded.  Can’t beat a bit a bully!!

You are having a party whom, dead or alive, is on the guest list?
Any of the inhabitants of the Playboy Mansion, Angelins Jolie, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Izzard, Shakira, Britney, Christina, Jessica….. Jim Bowen for good measure.

When was the last time that you embarrassed yourself?
Trying to do karate kicks in our video for ‘Everywhere’.

Tell us something that we don’t know about LnM Projekt?
LnM stands for ‘Late Night Music’ and we are from the deep swamps of Somerset, UK.  We also have a dark and dirty side we explore under our other guises – bobkat and Codebreakers.