Rhythm Masters

Rhythm Masters

Two of the best house music producers in the world lock the studio doors and get busy with Jefferson


Interview by Dan Prince

Steve me old mucker, where on earth are you today?

Hi mate, I’m in my Brighton studio on this very cold morning…

What is the best piece of new music you have heard since rolling out of bed?

To be honest I rolled out of bed and headed straight here so all I have heard today is this new track me and Rob are working on. One of several…

So another week and another mighty Mac Remix…this time in the form of your Rhythm Masters rework of Marshall Jefferson’s ‘Lock The Doors’. Before we get into the music, let’s kick back to the first time you heard of/saw/listened to the magic of Jefferson. What can you recall?

Well yes of course. Move Your Body, a house music anthem. Way back when. 30 years ago when I was still a kid. Amazing record and still rocks any dancefloor when played.

How important has/was Marshall to the birth and sound of dance music…?

Marshall is very important to me and house music, He was one of the guys who helped invent it . Me and Rob have been working with Marshall on another project with Sleezy D. He is great to work with in the studio. Was funny, the sound turned totally Chicago in the bunker. 808’S 909’S 303’S 606’S all came out and we jacked em . That’s the influence he had on the session. Just amazing.

‘Lock The Doors’ – Mr Jefferson’s first solo production in almost 20 years released via Freakin909. Talk us through your Rhythm Masters rework…

Well I was hanging out with Marshall And the Freakin crew at ADE last year and they played me this track and I was just like wow this is brilliant, The conversation went on to me saying ‘if I did a version I would do the complete opposite and turn it into a very dark fucked up journey’ . So we ended up doing the remix and taking it down that route .

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Turning Marshall’s record from a nice fluffy melodic track into utter distortion and darkness, Plus admitting to it in this interview lol…

The big 5 tunes in your box this weekend…

1. Marshal Jefferson – Lock The Doors (Rhythm Masters remix)

Self promotion I know, but this is the reason we are doing the interview right? Anyway it truly has been smashing it for our sets.

2. Rhythm Masters – My Girl

This is the first new Rhythm Masters single this year and is coming on our old mate Dan Eats Everyting Edible label. We are really excited about this release

3. Theo Kottis – Into the Wild

Really loved the UR vibes on this track. It just does that thing.

4. Michael Clies – Marvinello

Massive fan of Michael’s music, This is quite a different vibe from his norm but I love it.

5. Harvey McKay – The Mad Drummer

Massive fan of the drum code imprint and I love the way Harvey has used the funky drummer break into his pounding techno drums, great track.

You rocked up to the Data Transmission 8th Birthday at the Big Chill House in London a few weeks back. Did you have a quiet one?

God No. Grahame Falmer is one of my besties so there was no chance of a quiet one.

When was the last time you had a dance to a DJ?

Been quite a while to be honest. Must have been the end of last summer in Ibiza…

Which famous person would you most like to see play you in a film?

Danny Dyer because he smokes hard. Mind you, I have given up now so that might not work…

Where are some of the big DJ/live dates in your diary you are looking forward to later this year?

First one of our live sets is the mutiny festival this year in May. Plus we have many more booked in. A couple of really exciting things that I cant talk about just yet. We are trying to keep our DJing to the clubs and live to the festivals as they are both quite different sets. Mind you we are going to start taking some toys with us to the clubs when we are DJing also just to keep it interesting…

Last great studio toy you bought yourself?

An Akai MPC Touch. I took it home to learn the new touch screen, never made it back to the studio so had to buy another. I love it.

And finally… this was your first release of the year…what is coming next from y’all…?

First release is a double A sided EP on Eats Everything’s Edible label. 2 tracks. My Girl and Deep Soul. We have been working hard and have plenty of new material for 2016…