The Hamburg Ibiza invasion starts here

Proudly standing alongside Berlin as two formidable German electronic music cities, Hamburg’s superb Diynamic label this summer bring their Neon Nights sessions to Sankeys in Ibiza for the first ever time. It’s the night on many people’s lips with head honcho Solomun welcoming in a superb selection of Diynamic DJs and live artists alike. We speak to the main man…

Words: Dan Prince

Welcome to DMCWORLD – a very exciting summer ahead for you, in particular your Diynamic Neon Nights residency at Sankeys in Ibiza. But before we delve there, your own musical taste checks into so many genres, funky stuff, techno, 80s breakdance even – tell us about your childhood and how you fell in love with music…who were your early influences?

“At the age of 10 my cousin gave me a live mix tape from a disco. Listening to this funk, Disco and 80’s style sounds  made me realise that there is more to music than what I had been hearing on the radio.”

You are now heading up the mighty Diynamic with Adriano Trolio in Hamburg, though a Bosnian-born Croatia – how did you find your way to Germany?

“I was born in Bosnia. My family decided when I was very young that we were moving to Hamburg, where I live now.”

How did you and Adriano first meet, and how quickly did the idea of a partnership happen?

“Adriano was already into the party organising scene when we first met. We started doing our first events together and from that time on the idea of this partnership was born. Accordingly we founded Diynamic and took over a club in which we had already done some of our DIY parties.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning…

“Not purely for self promotion, but I really love to play all of our stuff from Diynamic and 2diy4. There are some awesome release coming next from Adriatique and h.o.s.h.”

Your label prides itself with the fact you bring us a huge array of new talent in electronic music – who are the artists you are excited about at the moment?

“Adriatique, Liem, Karmon, Ntfo and Hunter/Game are on fire!”

What one tune should we be looking out for this summer?

“My new remix I finished for Luca C & Brigante feat. Roisin Murphy coming soon on Southern Fried Records.”

So, Sankeys. A British establishment in dancefloor folklore, many people raised their eyebrows when they moved to the white isle. Why did you decide to take up a residency there with them this year?

“One time when I went to Ibiza a friend of mine and myself stumbled on Sankeys. I found it really refreshing that there was a smaller club there which gives a more intimate feeling between the DJs and the crowd.”

What is going to set your night apart from other nights on the island?

“In my mind, Ibiza will see some big changes this year – and I think we will be part of the changes. It is for us a new challenge and we are very excited about it. It’s our first residency in Ibiza and every one of our artists is really looking forward to play at Sankeys.”

You tour some of the finest clubs around the world every week – what has been the best club you have rocked this year and what has been the best club you have smashed ever?

“Actually this must have been our Diynamic Off Sonar party in Barcelona this year. We managed to get all of our artists traveling to Barcelona to play from 18:00 till 07:00 in the morning. We all got there a bit earlier about 2pm to go swimming, hang out on the beach, play soccer and then we all started to slowly get into the party. The mood was brilliant and it was great to get together.”

Which country’s crowd have the craziest clubbers?

“I have a great time almost everywhere I play. But Brazil and The Netherlands are always amazing to play. They never disappoints me and are always outstanding nights.”

Other than dance music, what other music artists from other genres are you into right now?

“Some old school hip hop from the end of the 80’s and start of the 90’s.

Who are the producers from around the globe you are giving high fives to at the moment?

“There are a lot of great fresh producers around, but Kolombo has awesome drive. We have signed some great tracks for 2diy4 too. Watch out!”

What are the best things about living in Hamburg?

“The best thing is that Hamburg feels like home to me. When playing in other cities coming back to Hamburg always feels good. For me it’s the city’s diversity that continually attracts me to it. And viewed from the artistic position, Hamburg has become as important for electronic music alongside Berlin in Germany.”

What is the best piece of advice your parents gave you when growing up?


It’s your birthday – who are the dream team 3 DJs you book?

“I don’t celebrate my birthday.”

What is coming next from the label release wise…?

“Next up will be our Charity Compilation which we have been working very hard on for a long time. On the first CD you will find all of our Diynamic artists with an exclusive track for this compilation. On the second CD there will be remixes of already released tracks on Diynamic wo has been remixed by amazing artists from different genres. For example, Hot Chip, Digitalism, Cassius, WhoMadeWho and Gui Boratto. All benefits will be donated to Kinderhospitz Sternenbrücke.”

And finally, what are the parties you are REALLY looking forward to hosting in Ibiza this year at Sankeys?

“I am actually looking forward to every single one of our 10 parties. For sure, the first and the last ones will be a little different but I feel certain that Tuesdays will be something special and new on the island.Besides that, I will be playing four Saturday gigs for Defected at Pacha.”

‘Solomun plays Diynamic Neon Nights @ Sankeys Ibiza every Tuesday from 10 July to 11 September’