One Out Festival’s long and hugely anticipated debut is fast approaching on September 25th 2021. It is to play out over two fantastically imaginative and magically designed stages nestled amongst the lush green landscapes and the snaking Thames River at Apps Court Farm in the heart of Surrey. The world-renowned guests set to provide the soundtrack are Roger Sanchez, Hannah Wants, Danny Howard, Tensnake, Horse Meat Disco, Krystal Klear, La La, Monki, Sam Divine, Low Steppa, Philip George, Mambo Brothers, Weiss and The Menendez Brothers as well as red hot residents. Here we chat with Weiss ahead of his performance and how life in lockdown got his creative juices flowing.

How has life been in during lockdown? How are you staying busy?

It’s been tough but we got through it safe and sound. The only positive that came out of it was that I was able to make lot’s of music and not feel rushed because of being on tour all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love touring and playing new music but it was nice to not feel the pressure of having to finish a track so quickly.

Has it impacted your creativity, what things you value, given you new perspective?

Made me really realise how lucky I am being healthy and having my family around me and then on top of that being able to travel the world. I’ve also learnt a lot in the studio on creating music and approaching it in different ways.

l saw you have your first date set in Liverpool in a brand new club, what can you tel us about the new venue?

I checked out the venue online and it looked great. Was so nice to play in a club again. Proper quality reintroduction to non distanced events. We’re back!! 

You must be buzzing to get back?

Big time!! I’ve missed interacting with a crowd and having a great time listening to great music. 

You’re also scheduled to play One Out Festival – will it happen do you think? If so how different will it look to pre pandemic festivals?

Of course it will!!!! It has to. Yes, I did a social distancing festival last weekend which was great and towards the end they all piled forward(hush hush) but One Out is going to be great. It’s just down the road from m, I grew up round the corner. So the whole crew/friends will be coming along.

What will you play? Will be it be an all out celebration of just being able to be out and playing you think?

I’ll do what do best and that’s play my music along with other peoples music. There will definitely be some unheard new tracks from myself being dropped so it’ll be great to get feedback from the crowd.

Tell us about your latest release Lift Me Up (ft Sharlene Hector) and what was like working on it.

I had lots of fun working with Sharlene on this one. The top line was actually written by myself, Sharlene, Ella Henderson and Camden Cox. I wanted to make a track that took me back to the old rave days when I was young and I think I’ve accomplished that.

Tell us about your mad old school website graphics?!

We had a few ideas of how we wanted it to look but we went back to the old school Myspace days. The whole brand is around old rave culture and I think we achieved that look with the website.

You had an early career under your own name – why change, how has it been, what did you learn, what did you do differently, will you ever go back?

Yes, I was making music under my original name Richard Dinsdale and I enjoyed every moment of it but I felt like a whole new change. I learnt a lot as a producer and Dj working under my original name but feel Weiss is on another level. I’m really enjoying what I’m making and love every minute of the day doing this as a job.

What else are you working on/have you got coming up?

I have a lot of material to release but we’re currently working on the next release for Island Records which should be out towards end of summer. Live is back now that restrictions are being less enforced on our industry. Many side projects as well producing for a couple of bands which is lots of fun.