Mixes P&P Records
Suss’d Records

Following on from last years highly-rated selection of P&P material by Danny
Krivit comes this mega-mix by the Dope Man. What’s notable here, apart from
the overall quality of the music, is the diverse range of styles that the
label covered. From down-tempo Rap to up-tempo Disco, plus the more soulful
sounds of one of the standout cuts here ‘It ain’t no big thing’ by Personal
Touch, P&P alongside its distributed imprints really did touch all bases.
But back to the beginning and Fly Guy’s spoken party-time word which kicks
of the mix that then builds with various nuggets from the likes of Gary
Davis, Cloud One and Lanier’s trend-setting ‘25 hours’. Tempos vary, as does
the music, but that all makes for a more exciting journey and it being Kenny
Dope some of it is mixed, some cut-up, and some is scratched for that all
important authentic touch.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Greg Fenton