Underpass - Submergence

Underpass – ‘Submergence’ – (Mutate)

Underpass - SubmergenceAnd finally on this page something a bit mellower from the Mutate label.

Slightly unsettling in an interesting detuned kind of way, this album takes a while to sink in but when it does you’ll find the glitchy electronics and guitar-scapes a perfect soundtrack to your more thoughtful moments! More commonly known for his bass heavy club material, Underpass explores some deep sonic territory with his beguiling and engaging palette of sounds. If you imagine a meeting in a dark forest of the disparate tribes of electronic soundscapes, warped instrumentalism and slightly malfunctioning machines, then the subsequent aural interactions become the sound of this album. It’s worth bearing in mind that this meeting takes places under an ever-changing sky where the clouds are alternately parting to allow uplifting sunshine to radiate, and then the clouds once again darken.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO