BT – The Lost Art of Longing [Black Hole Recordings]

Grammy nominated film composer and trance icon BT excitingly releases his first dance music album in seven years. The hefty collection of 14 tracks is heavenly-ignited with the incredible ‘Game Theory’, setting the tone nicely with its throwback 80s vibe and beatless landscape. Collaborations are plentiful with a whole arsenal of vocal talent featured as Lola Rhodes provides warm harmonies on ‘If I Can Love You Right’, April Bender’s inspiringly-catchy hooks on ‘Windows’, Iraina Mancini’s aggressive vocal attack on dubstep/breaks excursion ‘The War’. With influences circumnavigating progressive, trance, breaks and electronica, BT certainly flexes his production prowess, more than sealing the deal by the time you reach the stadium sized ‘No Warning Lights’, which features a sensational input from Emma Hewitt. 
Welcome back BT! 

Reviewed by Nick Coles.

BT 'The Lost Art of Longing' (Album Mix)