Chip E ft. Kid Enigma ‘Hold Me Back’ (Incl. DJ PAUL FUNK, Quinten De Rozario and Kid Enigma Remixes) F*CLR Records

Two of Chi-Town’s highly regarded House Music talents, Chip E and Kid Enigma, collide on the high-octane Jackin’ Hip House single, ‘Hold Me Back’. Kicking off this package is a hefty lo-fi Jackin’ remix from DJ PAUL FUNK, powered by menacing ‘In yer face’ retro style synth hooks. There is also a remix from Paul’s production partner in crime, Quinten De Rozario, who injects some infectious hooks and a bumping bass, bringing a chunky fresh bounce to things. Closing out the package is a stripped down dubby low-slung bass driven groover from Kid Enigma that seamlessly flows around his sublime rap.

4/5 Ratha Gud