Zombie Soundsystem likes to focus on a freaky tech house sound that is designed to make you dance and feel like you are in another world. It does so once more here with two more tracks from the artist known as Refresh. Both of them are killer tracks that are sure to soar this summer.

Play The Game is up first with a tumble of spaced out melodies, nimble one finger bass stabs and jostling drums that hit hard but invitingly. There is also a vocal sample from a certain Kenny Glasgow soundalike that lends the thing a ghoulish feel and completes the trip in style. On the flip is My Subconscious, a deeper, darker, headier affair. Monologue mutterings make it so as the drums force you to move. Party acid sounds and techno hi hats complete this picture and ensure you cannot get away from the groove. As far as late night music with a sense of naughtiness goes, there can be few finer than this.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming