For their next trick, Greek DJs Vynal K and No Rabbitz link up to produce two compelling club tracks that will have kids dancing for days. They come on the Trojan House Records label and are served up with three great remixes from Litmus, Yamil and Nico Cabeza, with each one breathing new life into the music.

The Lute is first to go and is a rich house cut with some great instrumentals and string sounds buried deep in the slick, rolling groove. It is Yamil who remixes this one and cuts it back to a solid, wooden, thumping deep house cut with icy hi hats and punchy drums. Solo EL Amor is a more summery tune. It is quick and direct but has colourful synths and warm pads making it feel human and emotional. As well as a dub mix that comes without the vocals, there is a punch Litmus remix that makes the drums much bigger and firmer, and a Nico Cabeza version that is more tech in its style, with reflective hi hats and thin pads keeping you on edge. The Lute also come with a Yamil remix that plays on the originals’ strings and makes them into the focal point of the cut.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming