‘Astral’ is a term that Atjazz aka Martin Iveson often uses himself quite a lot, naming certain types of his remixes for other artists with it. So the title of the brand new longplayer from multi talented Inkswel might have to do with the label he releases it on, Atjazz Record Company. Much more important than any background infos however is the actual quality of the record, which is quite amazing. It certainly has to be stated as one of the best albums of the year so far, an album you can listen to wherever you are-in your car stereo as well as at home or even while doing sports or when you just chill.

What I like about the concept behind it, is the fact that it does not stick to just one formula or genre, it permanently jumps from Soul to Downtempo, Disco, Hip Hop, or more electronic affairs. You can even hear some Reggae here or there. ‘Astral Love’ bears all of the aforementioned ingredients, crafted by Jules Habib under his Inkswel moniker. It’s a bold, accomplished collection of skilful tunes, featuring talent spanning a global alliance of like-minded performers.

What you get are 14 very nice pieces of music powered by real instruments, great musicians and some fantastic people on the mic, like Grace Gaju, Michele Manzo, Marietta Smith, Eliza Dickson, Colonel Red or Oliver Night. Standout track for me must be the uptempo soulful nugget that is ‘Why Don’t You Listen’. Massive.


Reviewed by MANNIX

4.5 out of 5

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Why Don't You Listen