Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel ft. The Afro Latin Messengers – ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ – (IMAGENES)

Summertime is not only about the weather, it is as the Fresh Prince once stated, mainly about the music which is connected with this lovely period. Each and every year producers try to come up with summer tunes and hope for big plays in Ibiza and all other summer destinations to make sales rise. So, what is a typical summer track then? Which genre? What are typical elements that make a song being noticed as a summer jam? Well, there are probably many answers but an indication for myself always is THE big Latin tune of the summer each year. Somehow these tracks pop up before summer and they mainly work on the floor during that time. So each and every year I keep looking out for a big Latin influenced piece of music that does some track to keep girls & boys freaking out on the floor. This year the key track in this section must be the new offering from London residents Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel, who breathe and live live music. Their Imagenes label is one of the best addresses when it comes to Disco, Funk, Soul and Latin tracks. ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ is their new jam and it grabs you right at the first listen. Great percussion, latin-esque keys, a lovely warm bass and a superb brass workout make this an essential delivery. Although it is NOT House and it’s only about 4 Minutes long, this freshens up every DJ set. On the flip you get the mellow slow organ driven ‘Don’t Trust The Devil’ on top of it! Be different by playing this, you won’t regret it!

5 out of 5

Reviewed by: Mannix

J. Laya & J. Montiel Feat.The Afro Latin Messengers - Sympathy For the Devil (Of Yare)