JuJu Muzik Presents ‘Friendly Interactions’ Vol. 1: A Global House & Techno Fusion

Prepare to immerse yourself in the underground realms of House, Techno, and Electro as JuJu Muzik unveils its inaugural Various Artist EP, ‘Friendly Interactions’ Vol.1. Boasting four killer tracks that pay homage to the classic sounds of Detroit and Chicago, while injecting a fresh, geographically-diverse perspective from each featured artist. A sonic journey that bridges continents and unites the finest talent in the world of House and Techno, as ‘Friendly Interactions’ Vol.1 delves deep into the very heart and Soul of The Machine.
Kicking off this electrifying collection is the immensely influential Adham Zahran, also known as Relic & Rarity. Hailing from Alexandria, Egypt, Adham has been a force to be reckoned with since 2010, gracing esteemed labels such as Feedasoul, Dobro, and Galaktika with his outstanding releases. Masterfully blending warm Jazzy chords, ethereal pads, and infectious House beats, his track “Concrete Advice” is a hypnotic masterpiece. But that’s not all – prepare to be mesmerized by a phat, squelching Acid line that weaves in and out, taking this creation to unimaginable heights.
Next up, we venture to London to encounter the talented Carl Grant, better known as Wave Effect. As one half of the acclaimed producers L.A. Synthesis, Carl has been a stalwart in the UK music scene, infusing his productions with a unique blend of British ingenuity and the raw energy of Detroit. With a career spanning back to the early 1990s, his solo work leaves an indelible mark, reflecting the essence of Detroit’s soul. Witness the seamless fusion of his influences in his contribution to ‘Friendly Interactions’ Vol.1.
Our French connection comes in the form of the exceptional Trecci, a true virtuoso from Dijon. As a skilled DJ, electronic music producer, and Naeba Records label manager, Trecci has carved out a place for himself in the deep house realm. His offering, “Face Of The Dragon,” is a tantalizing journey that begins with driving 90’s organ stabs and emotive strings, evolving into a classic Deep House groove heightened by grinding basslines and fluctuating synth waves. Brace yourself for an emotive experience that showcases Trecci’s undeniable talent.
Last but certainly not least, we travel to South Holland, where Jeran Portis welcomes us on a deep, late-night expedition with his track ‘Growth’. Jeran’s decade-long journey in the music industry has seen him flourish as an artist and label owner. His ties with Julian G and Motech Records (Detroit) further attest to his musical prowess. ‘Growth’ is a testament to Jeran’s dedication, taking us on an enthralling ride fueled by his signature sound, showcased in releases like ‘Resilient’ and his standout contribution to Fabric’s mix compilation.
JuJu Muzik’s ‘Friendly Interactions’ Vol. 1 is a monumental achievement that fuses global talent with the essence of House and Techno’s roots. Each track pulsates with innovation, transporting listeners to diverse sonic landscapes while retaining a core thread of unmistakable authenticity. This EP is a testament to the power of collaboration and showcases a profound understanding of the music that connects us all, regardless of geographical borders. Embrace this sonic odyssey and prepare for an unforgettable encounter with the heart and soul of The Machine.

“Friendly Interactions Vol 1 EP” – Various Artists is out now on JuJu Muzik digitally. Tracks include “Concrete Advice” by Adham Zahran;  “Synthetic Footsteps” by Carl Grant; “Face Of The Dragon” by Trecci and “Growth” by Jeran Portis. Executive Producer: Julian ‘JuJu’ Garnett. 


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