KiNK & Fabrice Lig – Charleroi DC EP – Meldoymathics

KiNK and Fabrice Lig mine the seam of hi tek jazz that labels like Underground Resistance, Guidance, Prescription and such like made so popular and deliver and solid four tracker that bounces the beats around then twists on burbling, acidic synths. Detroit Swindle straighten out the crimp with its solid percussive stomp and building 303s that will turn any dancefloor out.  Ian O Brien takes it on a hazy, summery journey down melodic avenue. Brightening the mood with the keys and chords and tweaking the synths to keep the arrangement tight and light. And to round it all off, the Melodymann remix smooths the groove with soft organ keys, ticklish snares and a bass line that rolls out like the gentlest of waves. Pure, underground vibes for dancers and aficionados.