Livio Mode & Massimo Barri feat. Pete Simpson ‘Give Me Hope Part 2’ (HSR)

From my point of view there is only a handful of vocalists you can always trust quality wise because they only touch material that is exceptionally good. Pete Simpson is one of these guys and so it is no wonder that his track together with Italian stalwarts Livio Mode and Massimo Barri is of course oozing quality. The Original mixes of the track have been released a while ago, but now the amazing FAM Disco Remix arrived at my desk-a version that is quite delightful as well. FAM Disco nowadays seems to be a solo project for Paolo Fedreghini (the combo used to consist of 3 gents) but nevertheless the output is still as good as it was. If you think of great Soulful House Music with a Disco hint to it, this mix will put a smile on your face. Pete Simpson’s superb vocal is powered by a mega funky bass, some lovely, warm keys, funky guitars and solid drum programming.
Some 15 years ago this probably would have landed on the Defecteds and Azulis, but now it found its home on Gigi Frassanito’s prime HSR label, which has resumed the original function of a truly Soulful House Music label. Great track, great mix, great label!

4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX