Luyo, Stones & Bones, Greco Soul ‘U Mama Ulele’ (DOUBLE CHEESE)

Rome’s finest export, Federico Luyo and his impressive Double Cheese label have reached catalogue number 153 which is quite an achievement as the majority of the outputs have been of top quality. His new offering is no exception to the rule and it’s a rather special one as it combines three big artists on their own, South Africa’s Stones & Bones, Greco Soul from Greece and of course Federico Luyo himself. Call all three of them Afro House heavyweights, a fact that they are able to underline with ‘U Mama Ulele’ which fuses lovely Afro Drums with sweet, still pounding chords and a suiting vocal performance from Halala. Needless to say the bassline does the trick, all in all the production is crispy and bouncy, which as a consequence leads to packed dancefloors. Rumours say it took the combo over 6 months to finish the track, but it has been well worth the waiting-surely it is the defining Afro House track of the moment!

4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX