Micro Caruso – Sale El Sol (Hive Audio) (18/07)

Switzerland’s Hive Audio label has been releasing some top-notch music over the last couple of years, from such artists as Joyce Muniz, Lee Van Dowski and James Silk, to name a few. Next in line on Hive’s release schedule is rising talent Mirco Caruso with his Sale El Sol EP.

The title track ‘Sale El Sol’ comes in hard from the moment you hit play, with a mesmerising, distant vocal which rises up from the stripped down drums, shuffling hats and steady rolling bassline which lie below. The first of the two Sale El Sol remixes comes from Reto Ardour – whose pumping approach takes the track to a whole new level, building the suspense throughout the break to create a real after-hours winner. Vincenzo D’amico takes a far more light-hearted approach for the final remix on the release. He adds a funky bassline, playful claps, ups the tempo and turns Sale El Sol into a full blown summer party track.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming