Ridney & Husky Feat. Xira ‘You Ain’t Breakin’ My Heart’ (Incl. Emmaculate Remix) Fool’s Paradise

Fool’s Paradise enters the gates of 2024, taking absolutely no prisoners with Ridney and Husky at the controls on this spectacularly glamorous Disco House jaunt titled, ‘You Ain’t Breakin’ My Heart’, featuring Xira. Loaded with all the essential credentials of a shimmering floor-filler,‘You Ain’t Breakin’ My Heart’ boasts filtered brass hooks, lush sweeping strings and funky guitars, wrapped in a powerful vocals from Xiara. Also on the package, Husky brings an uplifting piano house re-vibe, topped with a long atmospheric break down; and bringing his funky Chi-Town vibes, Emmaculate, brings an awesome live disco flavour, adding an irresistible funky bass groove and swinging disco drums. Turn it up!

5/5 Ratha Gud