Soulbridge ft. Ms. Onyie ‘Perceptions’(HSR)

Gigi Frassanito’s HSR label is back to a heavy release schedule after the summer and I must say all records he has offered since then are just of huge quality. The man furthermore known as Soulbridge returns with an amazing FAM Disco Remix of his track wit Ms.Onyie, entitled ‘Perceptions’ and what you get are nearly 8 minutes of Soulful House music at its very best. From time to time I still wonder how and why acts like FAM Disco are still in the business. A business that is known for the fast dollar, rather than real musicians. A business that constantly overlooks awesome tracks because of the immense output it generates. A business that has become very subjective, rather than precise. The collective around Max Montoro, Massimo Anelli and Paolo Fedreghini act like a relict of the good old days of House, where there was paid big money for a remix like this. For a remix that oozes SOUL and is provided by real music experts, rather than software freaks. Fellow countrymen Dolls Combers come to my mind saying this, another collective who acted similar than FAM Disco. Let’s hope these people stay and times get better so more of them do music again. Kudos to Gigi Frassanito to hire them, the output is pure fire!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX