Trainspotting – Robert Solheim

The big tunes from the big players



Dan Grain – Fallow Blue (Art Bleek Remix)
When I first heard this, I though “is that the weatherman talking” and as he says “lets go”…. I was lost, Art Bleek knows deep.


Gavin Herlihy and Delano Smith – Krypton Factor (Delano’s Deep Space Mix)

So funky and it has an old school sound to it thats just makes it timeless.


Marc Poppcke – Deeper Side Of Life 

Wonderful soundscape, deep spacious stabs and bleeps and a garantie to move anyone on the dance floor.


Electric Rescue, Timid Boy – All Access 

Yeah, this one is just amazing, 7 minutes of pure dancing.


Thomasthomasnorge –  Unhappy (Robert Solheim Remix)

Kicks off and never stops, first time I played it was at The Villa in Oslo, amazing feedback and amazing feeling.



Fog, Arare – Pamlaflava (Mendo Remix) 

This track has been with me from the day it came out, it never fails, all time favorite.


The Opiates – Candy Coated Crime (Dan Beaumont Remix) –

Fantastic remix of our track from Dan, early night or late morning music.



Peter Bailey – Unique Form 

Love it, deep techno perfect for the darkest hours, inteligent techno in its best form.


Robert Solheim – O Portiño 

My homeage to every little small port around the world that has a club in it, it’s all about the details.


Thomas Bjerring, David Skog – Ice 

Another amazing piece, Denmark is making some really “dejlig” music lately, this one’s perfect for any situation and just enough darkness to be played late.