Trainspotting with Sandy Turnbull

1. Skydoll – Timotha Lanae ‘Feel You’ (Skydoll Records)
When they guys from Skydoll approached me about the remix I was blown away by the original. The vocal from Timotha is incredible, I have a feeling it could be a real anthem.

2. Mr Night – Movin’ (Glasgow Underground)
I love the groove of this track, add a Mariah sample and you have real dancfloor fire.

3. Demuir, Cynthia Amoah – Discover [Kayronik Treasure Dub] (Yoruba Records)
Demuir is the most consistent producers I can think off, every single track he puts out is great. Discover is slightly deeper than Demuir normal productions really works in my sets.

4. Nyra – Sisco Visco (Canoe)
After a few years away as a pro cyclist Nyra is back with some serious music. Sisco Visco is currently vinyl only on his own Canoe label.

5. Sandy Rivera – Try A Little Tenderness (Defected)
To do this track justice it needs to be heard on a big system. The bassline is what sets it apart.

6. Affi Koman – Time Out (Lyceum Social Club)
Lyceum Social Clubs third release is a by Affi Koman who I hadn’t heard of before. All three tracks on the EP are belters.

7. Detroit Swindle – Can’t Hold It (Heist Recordings)
This track by Detroit Swindle fits right in at any point during my sets. It’s a really feel good summer record that I can also listen to on a loop over and over!

8. Lavvy Levan – Promenade (Friday Fox Recordings)
This was my favorite track from Lavvy’s recent EP. A downtempo jazzy feel for this track

9. Umami – RGB (Favouritizm)
This record has a great hypnotic groove. It also is perfect for keeping a set peak time but allowing me to change direction if I want to go deeper or more jacking.

10. Sandy Turnbull – Tonight (Galleria)
Tonight launches the new Night Talk series. Featuring vocals by the talented Mr. Bailey it comes with a great remix package featuring mixes by Future Wildstyle, Christian B and The Reprobates.

Skydoll – Timotha Lanae ‘Feel You’ (Ft Sandy Turnbull Remix) is out on August 21st 2017 on Skydoll Records.
Sandy Turnbull – ‘Tonight’ will be released on September 4th 2017 on Galleria.